02 November 2017

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Sufi Music I Rumi Poetry - HU

Just As I Am (Lyrics in Navajo)

Hein Braat - Maha Mrityeonjaya Mantra
(Gayatri Mantra / Maha Mrityeonjaya Mantra)
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Political Assassinations and the Criminal Justice System - 
William Pepper with Bonnie Faulkner #374

Vatican Calls For 'Global Public Authority' & 'Central World Bank' 

Keiser Report- If Only Arrested Saudi Prince Owned Bitcoin (E1147)
Did I hear Mr. Hudson say Painter Norman Rockwell was a Stalinist... 
or did he say George Rockwell the American Nazi?
Stalin was loved for putting organized crime in the gulags. That's what we have 
FEMA camps for when martial law is declared--ya think?  No need to 
baptize parasitic crime lords with fire--dunking may not be as effective on
helminths (rectum snakes) though. Amen to St. Cromwell
for his surefire cure when by a miracle the snakes
all turned orange and easy to see to stomp out.

Freedom of religion means what may be seditious
to a church cannot be seditious to the state.

The chicken is not sacrificed. Its pure and selfless nature draws out the iniquities of the person swinging it around their head. Mary the mother of Jesus was Jewish. So the chicken is good to go for Roman Universalists. The pope can swing a photo of the chicken around his head and the Jesuit order can swing a real chicken around each of their own heads. 

Compensating the Serbs for their Holocaust experience would include giving them access to the sea with Bosnia. Jesuits can donate their chickens to hermits who can use the eggs for a good breakfast finally. No more bark and leaves. The Croats in the South can move way up north for safety. Romanists are members of a political state; not a church.
The Vatican Mafia
1-Estimates of the Number Killed by the Papacy
2-Estimates of the Number Killed by the Papacy
Romanism versus Communism?

True communism is a way of life--
more of a religion than Romanism. Such a way
of life fails in a similar manner when giving up organs by demand
or giving to charity becomes mandatory.
Nordhoff's Timeless description of what we are seeing now.
His son co-authored Mutiny on the Bounty.
Setting American Standards

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Who's that coming down the street...?
Pharrell Williams - Happy

The actual focus for war will be on African soil with Gaddafi gone. Korea is a military-industrial-complex sideshow that can be used to distract Russian attention from their Black Sea and our Lithuanian border access to Moscow.  Atty Jon Levy explains it pretty well in this interview.

Vatican Bank Scandals Hr 1 - Atty Jon Levy on Greg Szymanski Radio

Catholic churches are not being bombed, because Protestant churches headquartered in the United States are stigmatized by genocidal US politics. We are pitted against ourselves leaving only tradition to set the standard. Monarchist monopolies in the corporate welfare state are owned by sacerdotal monarchists and their banks. Protestant churches have been played against themselves and each other as Romanist strategy dictates according to their goal for extirpating all other religions. ISIL (ISIS) Islam is being pitted against Protestants who will be destroyed by US bankruptcy in our perpetual war efforts which financially benefits the same small group of monopolies (aka 'deep state' offshore protagonists).

St. Cromwell's Puritans evolved from being called 'Round Heads'
assuming the non-conformist identity--'Liberal.' Romanists curse
them for emancipating Jews; yet ignorant of having been
emancipated themselves by Cromwell's 'Round Heads.'
Saint Cromwell's death mask

Hasn't been much green in the American Dream since the 1880s.
The quote below comes from the movie and is referred to 
in Dr. Pepper's address above. The times we lived in the movie did not
have movies to draw people away from church. More people
attended movies on Sunday when this film was made than the number
of people who attended church. Fear has not changed and never will as long as humankind cannot fathom the selfless love of its own pets.
Preacher Gruffydd:  “Huw? I thought when I was a young man, that I would conquer the world with truth. I thought I would lead an army greater than Alexander ever dreamed of...not to conquer nations but to liberate mankind...”

Huw Morgan: “Yes sir.”

Preacher Gruffydd:  “…with truth and the golden sound of the Word. But only a few of them heard. Only a few of you understood. [Speaking in the vocative to congregation] The REST of you put on black and SAT in CHAPEL! WHY do you COME here? WHY do you dress your hypocrisy in black and parade before your God on Sunday? From love? No.... FEAR!”

Romanists are fools. No-one persecutes them
but themselves according to the laws of karma and
reincarnation as described in the Christian Bible [security certificate for financial transactions may be out of date--access 'near-death' at your own risk]

Cromwell's Hat with your family in honor of The Protector
and savor what Transcendental Puritans hath wrought over
your last stout beer for the night; then go home and repent your karma. And stop crying about "revolution."

It is interesting how educated anti-intellectuals overlook our Indigenous founders in their smug desire to smear our founding principles--freedom to live, freedom to be free, and the freedom to live in harmony under the shield of being equal in the eyes of the law. I invite them to explain the arrows and the name of the tree in which the eagle is perched. You may find the same image on our recent quarters before individual states were engraved into them.

The Pauhattans also had a confederacy, older and longer established than the one represented by the coin's five arrows. You may see the Christian cross in the Lenni Lenape Seal which in my opinion originated with Knights Templars who escaped by ship to avoid persecution by Romanists. Columbus and other sailors are sure to have known. America's First Peoples are likely to have composed the world's first constitutions.

The Mali Kingdom also purchased 400 ships and set sail for the American Hemisphere. The people of the Yucatan and Brazil were not all former slaves. Those who twist and pivot for their next handout or are always singing about how someone "done them wrong" after Cousin Jack forgot to return the tools he borrowed, may want to consider dual citizenship with Liberia. I do not remember seeing Caucasian Americans being targeted by African racism.

Slavery comes in as many brands and colors as credit cards. Racism comes in only one color--narcissism--your own. Major haplogroups evolved from Western and Eastern Africa. Every 25,000 years north Africa becomes flooded for 5,000 years while the planet is in its wobble. There are a lot of secrets buried under the desert sands of Africa and the Gobi.

It would benefit Americans and Africans abroad to build similar institutions such as Seattle's Pratt Institute and Fine Arts Center. Dual citizenship without the complaint of not being wanted may set the stage for the ancient kingdom of Mali to rebirth itself. Success begins with common agreement on principles. Sacerdotal patriarchy has only one--extirpate to dominate. Liberian education and training in public militia would counter US support for genocidal paramilitary units who use chainsaws to cut up people like they are doing in Columbia S.A. Citizenship participation with the people of Liberia may also present an African cause for self-determination instead of being victims of corporate predators like Latin America has been for the last 120 years. Practical skills and their abstraction are the keys to financial stability without corruption. Vigilance is all that is required to prevent the deceit of treacherous exploitation by heretic religions. The Chinese are not the threat in Africa.

The Chosen-Utopia or Dystopia
Henry Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

Romanist Gladio vs Azriel/Suriel

Making God look like an amateur.

Over and over again, the military has conducted
dangerous bio-warfare experiments on Americans

Any kid can make Mini-Bot-Drones using 3-D printers.
Stealing grandpa's heart-nitro isn't going to work though.

If looks were daggers...

Example of connivance in Maricopa County Arizona
Maricopa County Sheriff's employee takes
[without permission or acknowledgement]
documents from defense attorney
Short version
Long version
The Judge deemed Deputy Detention Officer Adam Stoddard's action as unlawful
and required an apology to preserve court integrity. Sheriff Joe Arpaio declared his office was above the law by ordering Officer Stoddard not to comply.

Detention Officer Tries to Explain Why He Swiped Attorney's File
by Nick Martin for Heat City.

Repeated enough times, such behavior becomes the standard that puts all law enforcement officers' lives at risk caused by officer lack of respect for Citizens and the principles our Union has been established upon. Hence the explanation for the increase in Maricopa County's violence and crime statistics.

Maricopa County Detention Officer Held in Contempt
for Taking Document from Defense Counsel’s File
by Matt Clarke for Prison Legal News

The 19 OCT 2009 incident should have been cause for arresting Officers Stoddard and Arpaio for theft and contempt for the court and law. Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio's 24 years of tradition (see tenure in the Pym statement) for implementing his own unwritten laws is an example of how subtle connivance can be when cloaked by personalism.

Court Deputy Ordered to Apologize or Face
Jail After Taking Lawyer's Paperwork
by Sarah Mui for ABA Journal

President Donald Trump's 25 AUG 2017 pardon of Arpaio hardened the line of polarization between general citizens and our ruling Romanist monarchy characterized by contrivance and monopoly. Ex-Sheriff Arpaio has a long way to go before he or anyone else can claim he has any kind of "tough" compared to Elfago Baca.  Thank Maricopa County's new Sheriff and President Trump for the decrease in need for officer memorial donations from 2016. National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund spends 48 cents to raise one dollar. This is not to say more officers should be assassinated to increase fund efficiency scale ratings from 2.5 to 10. There is some indication self-punishment has increased amongst law enforcement officers. There is no escape from compensation by committing suicide.

Direct help to families accounts for the Fund's high cost of fund expenses even though administrative costs are an excellent 6.6% and CEO compensation only 1.58% of annual revenue. Maybe popular TV & Radio preachers could get together with Romanists to provide a similar fund for honest, law-abiders who lose life savings and lives to aggressive officers who maliciously steal their money or kill out of terror and error.

Catholic priest abuse allegations coming out of Guam’s shadows

There never will be a statute of limitation on clergy destruction of a child's heart and trust. No matter how much our Vatican press connives to cover up its sexual lust for children, these young adults on Guam are not going to let it happen. Jesus is a Jew. Moses is a Jew. Elijah is a Jew. John the Baptist was a Jew. The Apostle Paul was a Jew. The Disciples were Jews. The first followers of the Jewish Messiah are Jewish. Jews are not heretics for believing in, accepting, and understanding reincarnation. There is no escape from the Spiritual laws of reincarnation and karma. The time has come for all Romanists and Catholics to kneel, repent their karma, and compensate their arrogance with pain, money, good works or all three in any combination.

Natural Healing for Bi-Polar Disorder and SZ

Personalism: Beverly Hills Style

USN keeping America's Alt & Main Stream sideshow media honest.