23 October 2016

27 July 2016

Long Live the Union

Federalism is dead.

Who wants to run the empire?
Ha! Ha Ha!!

Charlotte's Web and these tropes capture Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator as his story manifests today.

or switch to the Greens

and Libertarians to achieve real representation
and break up the party system which has achieved what President Washington's Farewell Address warned us about.
Taking back our Union means breaking up political party misinterpretation of and domination of our founding principles. Splintering the votes of each party with the Green Party and Libertarian Party will force the Electoral College to make the best judgement and take on the karma of the their choices without dumping future karma on we Citizens.

The karma we do share, will be divided among the multiple parties we supported with our votes. Karma is a Spiritual law. Our every action is recorded by library cherubs in the archives of heaven. In other words, fire Congress by making it illegal for any lobbyist to write their laws for us.  Middle school students should be the only outside influence allowed to participate in writing the laws. Starting with Michigan, any law which impugns our founding principles is counter-revolutionary and must be struck down.


18 June 2016

Cult Think

Hollywood did not write her history books or brainwash her mind.

"NO More Games--NO More Pain

Tyranny and those who support it are not only anti-American, but counter-revolutionary.

It may be contrary to Oath Keepers, but our Union was not founded on the Constitution.

Speaking as First Cousin 7 times removed from President John Adams and the expectations my family passes on from generation to generation, we the people who survived Valley Forge and Benedict Arnold founded our Union on principles.

In other words, immigrants are only a problem if our needs are being pitted against theirs to subdue our principles and divide us. Anyone from the north of us and anyone from the south of us with DNA Haplogroups A, B, D, C, or X have more of a right to walk on US soil than treasonous lawmakers who abuse our rights with laws state by state that impugn our founding principles.

Currently we are having repeated for us over and over to make a lie sound like the truth that terrorists are the enemy when in fact we support them through our association with The House of Saud and their fundamentalist beliefs expounded by the Wahhabi sect of Islam.

by Adam Curtis
stars both foreign and domestic infidels.

The infidel Bush crime family knew in advance of the Wahhabi strike on the twin towers to accomplish what neo-con think-tanks had been planning since their failure under President Reagan (Lt. Col. Oliver North was working on the procedure to declare a national emergency) to draw Russia and Daniel Ortega into attacking us.

We the people are not a populist movement. Our Union is a more perfect Revolution each and every progressive day . Usurpers like Karl Rove who say we are another tyrannical empire are the infidels who have made it so. Below is a small window on what the world's oldest bureaucracy has accomplished with law-schools, universities surrounding Washington DC, censorship of Hollywood, organized crime syndicates, assassination (they failed on their first attempt with Abraham Lincoln), control of the press, and governmental influence in the Supreme Court, the State Department, and our illegal CIA.* Just as the Family of Orange has done in the Netherlands and England by pitting the weaker against the stronger more peaceful people with weapons, education, and privilege, they have also done among us.

What empires do in the name of their God(s).
As above; so below.
Old World Order at work in the "New" World.

Our New World Order is founded in opposition to empire on the principles:
Life-Liberty-The Pursuit of Happiness
as documented in our
Declaration of Independence.

Compare the three lecture series directly below
from Teach12.com to what we are witnessing
(neo-con world order machinations) 
today and contemplate our founding principles.

I hold this man, his 10 million listeners, and his religion claiming to be the moral agent for our hemisphere responsible for the grotesque sacrifice of humans in the past history of our continents and the massacre of Citizen Negroes listed directly above.

Their Black Legion was based in Fr. Coughlin's home base Detroit.

If you like what you see, then you do not belong here.
Dig up your relatives and move back to the Old World Order.

We guaranteed ourselves contrary to our Catholic Supreme Court justices the right to be free FROM religion for the reasons above. Roger Williams said it best, but apparently
(ha ha ha ha)
our justices cheated on their homework.

Now you know why we have the second amendment and
why you also DO NOT know how to apply it. Five generations are required to put the superstitions of the Old World Order behind in favor of our Union's more perfect pragmatism.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

The Wahhabi mindset is puritanical. A puritan could not walk in his garden on Sunday, but he could capture Native American Turtle Islanders to sell them into slavery. The Family of Saud is Wahhabi. The terrorists we support (al-Quaida) and the terrorists they support are Wahhabi.

Palestinians are not Wahhabi. They are the original Semitic peoples descended from Ethiopians, Lebanon and the land of Ur.

The Wahhabi are only a small part of Islam, however we must heed the warnings President Washington provided us in his Farewell Address to Congress and we the people.

Islam has more respect for our founding principles simply by their knowledge of them.  Few if any US Citizens have even heard we were founded on principles. I will not die for a national empire, its flag, or a personality and if expected to do so, then I am your enemy.

*There is no question in my mind that Donovan knew about the Vatican's attempts to trade US political and allied military secrets with Japan for a stronger foothold in the Japanese mind. Our so-called secret artillery bases built to protect our fleet shortly before the Japanese attack were built by a Nazi sympathizer and spy for Germany. Father Charles Coughlin and others via radio advocated support for Germany and the persecution of Jews before WWII.

My original family name was Clark if you are looking for genetic connections.

19 May 2016

Legalized Civil Disobedience

"A new first-in-the-nation law will shield residents from arrest as they use direct action to stop fracking-wastewater injection wells."

Grant Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania

 per capita income
year of 2000 = $13,697

The town’s new law has yet to be tested in courts, but it’s just the latest legislative move in a three-year battle Grant Township has had with PGE since the energy company first announced its plans to convert a well for fracked waste-water disposal.

Gun owner groups to back these Citizens up with a well-organized militia trained by the state or county sheriff.

Government shills like this guy and his members won't.

Maybe these groups have a realistic plan.

No Plan?
Train with these.

Because some of these people are
part of the problem.

The clergy collar tab also signifies respect in BDSM  circles (domination-submission slave collar).

Citizens are not slaves to the state which means we are innocent until guilt is proven.

We are not founded on personality worship or tyranny.

We are founded on principles.

Ayn Rand has reminded fascists of both colors, egalitarian and libertarian of this more than once.

Yankee Doodle 'rising.

16 April 2016

Yankee Doodle takes his country back...

Our Uniform Commercial Code for transacting business between states was established in 1953.

Our original Articles of Confederation would have delivered the UCC before 1800, and the liars who wrote up the argument (Federalist Papers) for our current Constitution failed to do as they promised.

But for its original amendments, the Constitution would never have been approved and we would have eliminated slavery state by state economically before 1838. Our oligarch patriarchs preserved slavery in the 13th amendment of 1865. Counter-revolutionary Southern aristocrats saw their doom and to stall it, they pushed the Constitution through to impugn our founding principles. Our enemies, foreign and domestic anti-Americans have made the best of it since. Our immigrant wave of 55 million between 1846 and 1925 were intended to eliminate our founding principles' threatening influence on old-world tyrants such as today's Saudi Arabia.

No job? No food? Obey. We became an Uncle Tom Nation and still are today.

22 February 2016

Republicrat, Doppelganger, or...

Jewish immigrants have been arriving on these shores since 1621; twenty years before my family arrived. Our revolution was financed by Citizens Haym Salomon and Robert Morris.

Reform the FED
It is not a private institution if we the people are being taxed to pay for its foolish greed and lack of competence.

In my opinion the Fed is little more than one big version of Pres. Andrew Jackson's so called "pet banks." These bankers speculated on land sales which influenced the removal of Indians and African Citizens from their farms to give Caucasians an opportunity to vote by becoming landowners.

Consider the L-Curve
[video at the bottom]

40 inches of $100 bills represents a million dollars on the graph at the one foot line before the goal. A 20% income tax on millionaires and wealthier puts the tax burden on the "poor" or incomes less than $100,000/yr.

1.6 inches of $100 bills equals the incomes of our former middle class, forty-thousand dollars on whom the tax burden falls.

1933 Glass Steagall
[Some of the work below is plagiarized from the link immediately below as it is allowed by copyright law to do. No money has been exchanged, nor favors given, nor gifts received for publishing anything on this blog.]

Current Management Unsafe
We the people were expected to come up with the solutions to a fair financial management system with our input to our representatives who cater to the corporate godhood today.

We have been educated out of thinking this is the original intention of our founders who survived Valley Forge. So the challenge I put to every high-school student and their teachers is to come up with exponential/logarithmic taxing system which is fair to all which will keep our Union's wealth from becoming accumulated out of circulation, for when it does we become vulnerable to alien (legal definition) invasion and overthrow which no amount of armament may stop.

The arguments for restoring its intent:

1. "To-big-to-fail banks" are fueled with debt and derivatives of the same debt which speculators trade between themselves without cognitive self-control.

2. Glass-Steagall would have prevented shadow banks AIG, Lehman and other risky betters from the need of being underwritten for their losses by our to-big-to-fail top six banks in 2008.

3. The repeal of Glass-Steagall increased operational costs between banks due to the increase of inefficiency.

4. Organized crime is the only free-market that exists and we the people are paying for a Frankenstein market run by pickpockets.

5. "To-big-to-fail" is a lie. Frankenstein banks cannot swim. They beat the sea with desperation in a panic of affluenza and drown the rescuer.

Conclusion: scraping the food off your plate to put it on bankers' plates will never be noticed by you regardless being on food stamps or not until...what? ...you sink deeper in debt? 

...lighten up?


1--Eliminate capital-gains taxes,

2--Base income taxes on usable income (36%-44% of total income); not gross income, and

3--Make the Federal Reserve pay for the incompetence it hides from we who pay for its foolishness by...
(a) putting a 6% sales tax on stock purchases, 
(b) putting a 6% sales tax on bonds bought, and
(c) putting a 6% sales tax on every sum of currency speculated upon.


1--There will be little need for government regulation if Frankenstein puts its money and not ours where its foot is now,

2--Small business will thrive again and provide employment,

3--As above so below means our corporate gods of the 14th amendment will no longer need welfare; so too we the people. (Ever wonder why fewer Asians per capita need little if any public assistance? Peer group pressure and the revenge which comes from public shame is a piss-poor moral agent and failure of justice.)

4--Ultimately income taxes will only be used to prevent dysfunctional oligarchs from taking their wealth out of circulation. A 99% income tax on an $80 billion income leaves about $800 million for usable income. Social security income for seniors should be increased to a minimum of  $2300 per month; all veterans $2800 per month with disabled veterans being granted $3600 per month by our grateful, corporate godhood patriots and those patriots they are represented by in government.

5--Competition will increase as we the people can afford to be more innovative.  True Islam, not Saudi Wahhabies conquered nations simply by offering to cut their taxes in half and doing it.

Disclaimer: A man of high principle, Senator Bernie Sanders had nothing to do with the photos above his. Neither did I, except for the comment at the bottom of the Republicrat's photo.

Bernie is neither Fabian Socialist (dysfunctional egalitarian red) or National Socialist (dysfunctional libertarian black) in my opinion. 

I see Frederick Douglass, publisher, best selling author, lecturer, women's rights activist, and adviser to Presidents being Senator Sander's model for the self-reliant Citizen. The motto of Citizen Dopuglass' newspaper read, "Right is of no sex--Truth is of no color--God is the Father of us all, and we are all brethren."

The word "brethren" makes him as "socialist" as a credit union member, an AAA member, and as "socialist" as an IOOF member. Most of all if he were a co-management employee of an employee owned manufacturing business, you may even be able to label him a "communist," but he is a lifelong political activist working for the greatest good, not just for the majority 50.5% but for the greatest good for everyone; no losers.

Socialism is an old world order (OWO) concept born of monarchy religions which its scholars applied to itself. Cooperative communities; not cults polarized by fear are what Citizenship is about.

The natural evolution of Citizenship in the new world order (NWO) calls for self-reliant transcendentalists (Emerson, Alcott) to shake hands with the natural evolution of OWO serfs and vassals who've become self-reliant existentialists (William James, Nietzsche).

True capitalism does not produce waste and Communism is the only religion that can make it work. Today's religion, a cliquish-quasi-Communism began as intentional communities which took on the names of cities, sprouted up on American soil in the 1800s. Well groomed by our Global Village, communism is now a mashup of technology and sacramental drugs (e.g. DMT or C12H16N2).  Maybe what this consists of could best be explained by William Blake's poetry and paintings and Peter Kropotkin's theory of evolution.

13 January 2016

The Mysteries of Love

The following 1 hour, 11' video sums up in my mind the state of our Union since President James A. Garfield was assassinated. President Garfield assertively picked up Abraham Lincoln's precedent setting Civil Rights mantle.

Viewing the short video, you will see at the 57 minute mark how insidious we have become. Social engineering through the media's use of suggestion has been very effective in denying US Citizens, you and I, our heritage.

How Big Oil Conquered the World

Child welfare and veterans' benefits are today's
equivalent of Rockefeller's shiny dimes.

The Gentle Warning

In E-C-K,* God's Ocean of Consciousness, Elijah's** survival after death and mine, all who demonize, scandalize, scapegoat, radicalize, and impugn our Union's founding principles perish here in the zealous fires of their own ill-will and their own deceit in imagination's quicksands of bad-faith, now.  Let Freedom Ring! 

A tally on deceit with Jeb Bush and Megyn Kelly
Jeb Bush‬ & Megyn Kelly Play Same Game
with Iraq War during ‪Republican Debate‬

*Philosophers Speak of God, by Charles Hartshorne and William L. Reese
E-C-K represents the mutual unity of consciousness characterized by non-dualistic, direct knowledge of  Eternal life witnessed with the Spiritual senses within a unique group (e.g. the Church of the Living Hermit) which excludes no-one either by trademark or creed.

** Matthew 17:10-13

Reincarnation references in the Christian Bible

Hebrews 9:27-28

Malachi 4:4-6

Ezekiel 16: 48-55

Ezekiel 37: 1-23

Ecclesiastes 1:9-11

Ecclesiastes 3:15-21

Matthew 11:9-14

Matthew 17:10-13 Elias the Baptist

1 Peter 3:19-20

1 Peter 4:6

Your God is your business.
Mind It;
Not mine.

For example, what would Jesus do to stop the genocide supported by
our two major religions? Would American Catholics such as
Secretary of State Kerry and Southern Baptists like Billy Graham know what to do?

Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay discuss the demands Americans can make of the US government to create a cessation of hostilities 
Real News - February 18, 2016

Beyond Science

09 October 2015

The Golden Rule

What you don't want done to yourself, don't do to others.
[6th Century BC]

Hurt not others with that which pains thyself.
[5th Century BC]

In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self, and should therefore refrain from inflicting upon others such injury as would appear undesirable to us if inflicted upon ourselves.
[5th Century BC]

Do not do unto others all that which is not well for oneself.
[5th Century BC]

Classical Paganism
May I do others as I would that they should do unto me.
[Plato 4th Century BC]

Do naught to others which if done to thee would cause thee pain.
[Mahabharata 3rd Century BC]

What is hateful to yourself, don't do to your fellowman.
[Rabbi Hillel 1st Century BC]

Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.
[Jesus of Nazareth 1st Century AD]

Treat others as thou wouldst be treated thyself.
[16th Century AD]

American Pragmatism
1) Do everything you agree to do. 2) Do not encroach on other persons or their property.
[Richard Maybury 20th Century AD]

No law of the land exists. No golden rule exists. The arbitrary label of "infidel" may be applied to anyone wantonly.
[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 21st Century AD]

Beaten and tortured for asking about being paid for her work, locked in a room for speaking in Tamil and trying to contact her family, Tamil Nadu native, 55-year old Kashturi Munirathinam, working as a domestic aid in Saudi Arabia had her arm amputated for escaping from the room.

Our US Trade & Commerce Department could best export our ideals and principles if an embargo were imposed on Saudi Arabia just like we failed to do with Cuba for 50+ years.

Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his post Mr. Trump, because of what you stand for...and it was not during a time of declared war as you ignorantly assume.

Article 1 Section 8 Clause 11
US Constitution (Federal)
"Clause 11. To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;"

This clause grants Congress one of its most important powers: the power to declare war. Congress, and only Congress, can officially do so. (The President can't!) This clause also grants Congress one of its more bizarre powers: the power to hire pirates to attack the nation's enemies. (That's what a "Letter of Marque" is... a letter that gives a pirate official permission to do his thing in the name of the national interest. Avast, ye mateys!)

These two below are as anti-American as our blowhard Republican dictocrats.

And as above so below...

So far it looks like Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders are our and the planet's only relief.

was passed after being vetoed by dictocrat President Nixon. This law confirms the established precedent of only allowing our standing army to shoot and kill foreign nationals who have attacked our borders. This is why the G W Bush administration allowed New York's "twin towers" plus one to be attacked and destroyed. 

Our Union's domestic enemies calling themselves Congress who do not obey our law of the land should be impeached and imprisoned if not hung for treason. There is a reason for giving only Congress the right to declare war and we are living the reason now.

Titles of Aristocracy
None are allowed unless approved by Congress, but we have General Colin Powell and President G. H. W. Bush who have been knighted by the Queen of England. 

So if you are a Persian or Arabic Princess or Prince or Rock & Roll Star, you will need to have your aristocratic title of  'ASS' approved by Congress if you want to lead.


"Clause 8. No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."

Here the Framers of the Constitution sought to ensure that the United States would never develop a formal aristocracy such as that which ruled Britain. The US government cannot grant any titles of nobility; here in America, we have no counts or dukes or earls. Further, no one working for the government is allowed to accept a grant of nobility from a foreign government, either. This was mainly included as an attempt to block foreign corruption of US government officials.

These links may explain what we would have and are gaining by way the aristocratic title of  "ASS."

Slavery in Saudi Arabia:
Imprisonment & Execution of Migrant Workers

Rich Nation, Poor People: Saudi Arabia by Lynsey Addario

15 May 2015

History Repeats...

Itself Because Human Nature Never Changes Unless Pure Positive Change Occurs From
The Grass Roots...

"The World must be conquered...but not by force of arms,
but by ideas that liberate. Then can we build it anew."
---Emile Zola

Captain Alfred Dreyfus leaving Devil's Island
as portrayed by
Joseph Schildkraut

Our Declaration of Independence is a challenge to every Citizen around the world to challenge its tyrants, dictators, and monarchs.

Our Union's duty is to manifest the freedom we have with Tom Paine's COMMON SENSE in an economic cooperative effort of liberation without interference as it has since Hamilton's dreams of aristocracy were foiled by his own deceit in his duel with Aaron Burr. The Union did not need a standing army to establish our historical precedent. Our second Constitution was expected to be worthless by our founders 129 years ago. Our Union, we the people is not supposed to be an empire as traitor Karl Rove claimed his friends control in the New York Times.

Revolution starts at the grass roots. Eat Local. Pay local.
Turn off the Internet. Turn off your TV. 
Communicate face to face and let art imitate you more times than Tricksters Coyote and Raven can count (up to four-sometimes more) for once in your life.

For those whose moral agents are karma and reincarnation,
"The greatest secret is that there are no secrets."
as stated in Paul Twitchell's Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad* and by others.

Truth is on the march
and nothing will stop it.
--Emile Zola during exile in London

*HUman DISCLAIMER: I am not a member of Eckankar and I have verified to my satisfaction the word S-U-G-M-A-D is of Pali origin. Eckankar's word HU is used in cultures around the world and derives from Sanskrit if you examine the Oxford English Dictionary's definition for the word, 'GOD.' [Check out the Sanskrit meaning for the word, 'man' and contemplate Descartes sitting on a hot stove.]