19 September 2017


When the money runs out...

...the Waltons won’t be returning your wave with pooper-scooper in YOUR hand over public portable toilets. Curses have no effect on the truth either when they drive past or fly over.

Expect Life Compensation Experience (LCE (karma) ) as a debt-peon slave wearing FEMA Camp/Stanford Experiment-Zimbardo jumpsuits.  Or perform good works as a volunteer sanctioned by uniforms with logos or lapel pins. Popes' or Preachers': blessings have no effect on lies or psychic/physical pain we caused ourselves.

At no time would having an opinion of your own be “heretical.”  A “big-mouth” can be a hero if speaking up diminishes harm for any innocent including deserving members of organized crime or government employees who may be protecting innocent lives.

”America has become a militarized kleptocracy being eaten by parasites from the inside out.”  --Max Keiser


A HUMAN SELF may self-consciously be understood to exist in any of these conditions that reflect Soul's Spiritual self-image in the mirror glass of eternity.

1) TRANSFIGURATION [aka flying above time & space--often accomplished by children, dreamers, prophets, monks, and magicians (e.g. Milarepa, Joseph of Cupertino (1603))]

2) RESURRECTION [life restored to a physical organism-usually human-though, sometimes personality may change in a near-death-experience (NDE) caused by a lightning strike, by a new heart or the entrance of an entity from another planet at the same time as death]

3) REINCARNATION [Consciousness enters a new body usually at birth to develop and assume a new personality]

4) TRANSMIGRATION [Return of Consciousness to a lesser state of evolution than that of human-(see Apollonius of Tyana by Philostratus for a discussion between Apollonius and a lion during his visit to Ethiopia]

5) HALLUCINATION or VISION [2000 plus years of Buddhist psychology provides a label for any self-conscious experience you can imagine.  Though it helps, direct perception is a little more complex than two hands holding two tin cans wired to a milli-amp-meter to test for reactive comprehension to be passed as “CLEAR!”  It is possible with group support or with an inner guide to wiggle your buddhi with your chitta from the inside out and from the outside in to get the same result both ways]

Polymath Robeson never gave-up on his
love for our nation of liberty. He endured much
hatred for how he felt about what he wanted to be responsible for.

CENTRIST: Polite way of calling yourself a Romanist Monarchist—or with Ronald Reagan’s Catholic moral-agency—you may be Right of Satan-and-left of Baphomet.  The Spiritual goals of Christian and Buddhist alike are to not reincarnate as humans on this planet or within the first five dimensions of this universe again.  Judaeo-Christian-Islam metaphor uses potter and pottery (Esau) and putting new flesh on old bones (karma) to explain arrogance (sin) and reincarnation.

Welcome home.

Breakfast-time catering to children’s dreams and memories of their past incarnations (odd statements or behaviors ages 2-8 yo) opens the door between objective and subjective reality.  To subtract male dominated, monarchist, Eurocentric narcissism which has been cultivating feminism to foster bigotry and pit one gender against the other—the following non-Eurocentric female personalities should shatter brittle Hollywood indoctrination myths imposed on American school-children:  1)  Khutulan (Mongol),  2)  Nzinga Mbande (Ndongo-Matamba),  3)  Lozen (Chihenne-Chiricahua Apache),  4)  Tomoe Gozen (Japan),  5)  Mercy Otis Warren, and  6)  Ching Shih (Red Fleet 1775 CE).  No mystery—matriarchy is inclusive; no politics required.

Dr. Eben Alexander

The mysteries of eternity are always on the table and cannot be politicized.  Nor may community—our social breaking of bread shared across an open table with a hungry stranger.  Transcending the old world order in 1776 required no flag or personality to subjectify ourselves for unity.

Transcendental order was born between the lines of our Declaration of Independence and the pages of Tom Paine’s Common Sense; born without a metaphysical sheath, born without a veil of superstition or the robed, ornamented fingers of those who patronize old women for their estates. Three percent of any group, any given time will be stoking the fires to motivate anti-freedom hypocrites from the hot mud of hell they love to be stuck in.  This means 210 million of the planet right now are practicing our freedom of speech.

Ziggy & Ozzie
Needing enemies to be credible, Romanist-Islam has
become its own worse enemy.

Transcending the human dynamic cannot be politicized into a union of or between church and state.  New York’s American Pope (no crown), Cardinal Spellman and his Vatican propaganda had the United States killing Buddhists, Protestants, Deists, Taoists, Catholics and Atheists to make all of Vietnam Catholic.  US Citizen taxes paid for two years of Vatican Mafia “non-profit” charity services for approved Vietnamese Catholics.  Transcendental Order’s henotheist laws permit our greater, broader horizon of having more than one way of life to live.  We have the right to be our own worst enemy on our own terms without being forced to conform to religions’ choices of foolish ghoul-think.

Karma not catching up with us in this lifetime becomes part of the pattern Angels use in life's foundry for the next personality we develop after birth by water from out Mother's womb. Realizing the connection of karma with spiritual evolution affects our rebirth in Spirit.

Communism is a way of life;  neither red or black; not a religion; not a political party. Communism does not need a flag, a motto, or a symbol.  Our new world order was founded upon and has transcended as a “more perfect” union of individuals and states, old world cults of monarchs, crowns and psychopaths. Communism means we can tolerate the beliefs of others as well as not having opinions we do not agree with forced upon us.  It is Unity of Communities.

Unfortunately however, we surrendered grassroots protection of personal sovereignty and mastership of our destinies when our union of republics became a federal republic.  It is much more efficient for monarchist religions to assassinate one president than it is for them to assassinate 50 governors; 50 governors monitored by 50 sovereign constitutions.  A single religion would have to dominate every TV/radio station and newspaper in each state.  Confederated unions preserve freedom of the press.

Neither do we require a central bank if we have a self-regulated union of 50 public state banks of good credit monitored by 50 state constitutions. Fifty times 24 the number of conspiracies going on at any one time in any community according to Robert Anton Wilson adds up to a complex minimum of 1200 conspiracies.  Repetitive patterns are self-revealing.  As long as we have armories and everyone is required to own an AK-47 or better for regular training, life would be a lot more fun keeping up with and creating new propaganda to hide the high-hope we never find out we are our own worst enemy.

Transcendental order (good faith and fair dealing) and transcendental fundamentalism (pragmatic common-sense, see William James PhD) are ways of life which allow us to create our own religions and pair up with similar beliefs and practices without the need to narcissistically compare personality with personality or creed against creed. No need to be POLITICALLY CORRECT RED if you believe in and extend your liberties to others.  No need to wear BLACK PERFECTION as long as you are your own judge and know when to ask for help in achieving personal sovereignty to master your own destiny.

Though stultified in the 1880s by the Statue of Liberty’s Romanist monarchism, its Eurocentric racism, and Antisemitism—our natural evolution rests today on the doorstep of Transcendental Order.  It is time to melt the real problem—migratory asymmetric warfare’s Mariolatry—Kali—H. Ryder Haggard’s SHE—Lady Hypocrisy—and restore our Articles of Confederation to begin practicing what we were founded to do—be free.  Leave Liberty Statue's plaque as a reminder.

Frequently destructive behavior by politicians gets disguised by charisma. Rev. Jim Jones and ever popular A. Hitler are two persons who come to mind.  They give integrity a bad name.

ENIGMA - Déjà Vu

Empire Files: Human Rights Hypocrisy - Colombia vs. Venezuela
Resurrected Richard Olney mindset and tactics that President Teddy Roosevelt and banking industrialists used in Latin America.

POLARIZATION:  Self-defense may be as seriously cognitive as it is emotional and physical.  The polarization between “All Lives Matter” as a reaction to “Black Lives Matter” sets the stage for a conflict between personalities.  Make-Believe legal solutions and Conflict-Spendy lawyers leave us with fewer civil liberties.  

Liberty of Conscience is still a heresy in the minds of parochial agents.  Columbia SA para-military’s screaming gore of death is as popular now as much as Romanism enjoyed in WWII and medieval times.  Romanism’s Cardinal agents are divided against themselves.  We see it recently reflected in Columbian priests’ deaths—likely to have been assigned to die as martyrs.  Purpose?  Already we the people are being denounced for our founding principles of government claiming we are hypocrites.

Polarization is and has been a Jesuit trademark.  Read what Catholic leaders have witnessed and written.  Though he may deny it now (YouTube video disappeared), Covert CIA-man—Catholic Robert David Steele said “Congress can be bought-off for $350 million a year.”  The migratory asymmetric warfare funded by 1822 monarchists’ Secret Treaty of Verona to colonize us succeeded.  The Columbian-Venezuelan conflict is a repeat of the conflict used by the 1927 triad: cientificos (e.g. the New York Times new owner)—industrial complex—Vatican to DISestablish Mexican sovereignty. [Avro Mahattan, The Dollar and the Vatican, OZARK Books, Springfield, MO]

The Constitution and the Power to "Declare War"

MASS PROTESTS are counter-productive today and most often staged to inhibit more of our liberties.

WHAT MAY WE DO while we have the liberty to speak yet?  There are over 800 empty Federal prisons built in the 1990s in anticipation of martial law that do not earn budgets.  Presidential Twitter posts and news leak/releases seem to want a mass reaction to give cause for arrest.  The camps were dreamt up in think-tanks.

Dogs greet looking for lost crowns after throwing them into a big heap for big party. -- American Ind'n Observation

IDENTIFY the perpetrators of injustice: town-by-town; city-by-city; state-by-state.  Contact their Chambers of Commerce, Rotaries in the city they reside.  Let them know you are boycotting the city and state and why (safety?).

Missouri: Don’t execute Marcellus Williams

ORGANIZE travel of small protest parties (12 max).  With free-speech signs—protest PERPs’ (i.e. appeals court judges, executives, prosecutors, churches) homes or churches in the morning when neighbors go to work or mass and in the afternoon when neighbors return.

14-Patrick Henry - Anti-Federalist Papers P21 Brutus I

Keiser Report: The bizarre decade (E1117)
Central banks nurse their $15 Trillion Ponzi collective-US-(you and I)

Keiser Report: Economic war with China? (E1118)
Thank the Arkansas Hillbilly for putting Silicon Valley Americans out of work when president under the guise of H1-B Visa-ethnic-equality. Chinese and Hindus are in the upper social strata within their own cultures. Germany gets its WWI gold back.

Keiser Report: Is US really a 3% GDP economy? (E1119)
Productivity increases since mid 1970s leaving wage income unchanged.  The unctuous hand in the market isn't God's.

Keiser Report 1120
Silicon Valley turns to algorithmic typing and censorship to demonstrate its new power as current monopolies.  More about the market's clammy hands.  Guard the wishing well.

Keiser Report: RIP, Petrodollar? (E1121)
The odor of world money changes to Chinese Yuen. No-one assassinated yet. A new gold standard aggressively peeks around the corner.

Keiser Report: Modi's 'demonetization' (E1122)
Gold debit cards for everyone. The cards are made of gold too.

INFORM voters with US Post Office postcards printed on your own computer using voter registration addresses to define issues in terms of freedom, liberty, and justice.  Explain jury nullification with a Web reference.  Jurors are our fourth Branch of Government.  Ask a judge if VOIRE DIRE allows the criterion of Jury nullification for selecting peer jurors.  Contrast on your postcard Jury nullification with law enforcement, prosecutor, and court nullification practices.  Speak as one person; sign.  Cooperatively rent a mailbox or choose a street address for safety and cost efficiency.

BE SURE and have protest cameras ready.  Our union (nothing to do with labor if you are “Americentric”) has a history of priest-organized thugs breaking up and shooting people at freedom and liberty meetings held by Protestants.


VIDEO-RECORD police and thugs arriving to your protest.  Be safe.  Martyrs are not the message.  Don’t be one.  Property destruction discredits your message.  Damages put restrictions on future expressions of liberty.  Have your escape plan ready and practiced by drill with alternatives if escape is blocked.  Photograph thug shoes (Montreal cops acting as thug-fools wore their police shoe wear), clothing, height against tree and auto backgrounds. Record all license plates before during and while leaving your quickie protest.  Freedom lovers are targets for destruction.  Kissinger’s Memorandum 200 BY INFERENCE requires Citizens to wear bulletproof vests.  Thugs in uniform call us ‘civilians.’  Drones and bombs destroy civilians. Serfs, debt-peons, and vassals [CIVILIANS] can be bought and sold by monarchs freely.  Our law of the land does not protect domestic enemies who oppose our rights by divine origin.

Nolo Press

The Rutherford Institute

Nolo Law

Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream...
or wade ashore and step-up, step-out of the flotsam...

or wait, die, pass through the baptism of fire in Gehenna,
then try again next-life-time.

Suicides get the exact same show.
No exit stage-left or right.

Le chant du HU - The HU song