06 January 2017

What Color Is Tyranny?

What color is tyranny in your child's teacher?
...behind the microphone?
What color is tyranny in your book of faces?
...in the hand behind the bar?
Meet the stranger
My friends know what color tyranny is in me.
What color is it in you?
(You know...
...inside the spacesuit,
under the skin.)

Seed sharing prevents famine.
Seed keepers are not criminals.
Open source sharing is now a crime.
I will not report you to the tyrant if...
...you do which makes me a criminal...
...if I don't.

Get the Real Dirt on Farmer John

19 December 2016

Time...time to DCexit....

Despot Bench Warrants Welcome
My digital trail is reasonably easy to read.

Will she get a spanking if she doesn't buy your favorite brand of coffee...
Kokkks Bros. BDSM Red?
No power plays coming from me. 😊

"MADIBA" - for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Cello
(a small tribute to Nelson Mandela © Joe Canônico)

Perhaps...you will hear my voice. I am going to make
seven points with seven paragraphs and seven graphics.

Moloch's Altar

Main Stream (polluted) Media's real pus-yellow press will have to verify this:
OxFam 16 FEB Report states 62 of the world’s wealthiest persons could cut their
wealth in half and still be the wealthiest 62 persons on the planet.

Ms. Dorothy Day and the IWW were and still are 100 years ahead of us. Father Charles Coughlin’s polarizing mindset continues to be completely intolerant of what she or our 1776 new world order stood for. Add Jesuit Joe "Tail-gunner" McCarthy and civil government continues to embed the pig-ignorance sanctioned by the most popular religious moral authority like the Ratiznger Bros. and their private pedophile ring in Germany. We may break up this aristocratic abuse by confiscating all church property in the US and Europe.

Poverty is caused by concentrating 98% of our wealth into the hands of a few like we began doing shortly after Presidents Garfield and Arthur (poisoned) were assassinated. By taxing the sale of stocks, bonds, and money, we bring these unearned concentrations within the scope of civil reality. A single 'value' tax may be attached to real property as it is successfully accomplished in other parts of the world.

“Life” is to ‘National Freedom’
“Liberty” is to ‘Political Freedom (collective conscience)
as the
“Pursuit of Happiness” is to ‘Individual Freedom (harmony).’

Our Union was founded on these three principles of freedom and the prefacing statements above show that freedom is not a universal value on anyone's moral compass. However FREEDOM is as easy to pay lip service to as despotism is with sardonic humor. Those persons who make the state, the monarch, the false prophet or corporate "godhead" their moral agent have no toleration for the last two principles, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

An invitation to the city council members who wrote the codes this American is being prosecuted for to dig up their families and move back to nation they came from. The prosecutor and the neighbor who complained may do the same.
You DO NOT belong here.

We have as much right to NOT be dominated by other groups or people as we have the right to not be dominated by other nations. How to spot them? They use 'whistle-blower,' 'jerk' and 'big-mouth' among other phrases to describe Americans of Conscience--US of A Citizens who know and practice the value of acting in "good-faith" and "fair-dealing;" not organized criminals romanticized by television and movies. Our Uniform Commercial Code or UCC took a long time in coming after it was promised by the writers of the Federalist Papers and when it did arrive, it was accomplished by cooperative states mostly on our own.

Our bottom line for what is essential if we read despots who denounce anything they do not want anyone to consider: National Security does not sacrifice the other two freedoms as we have allowed ourselves to do with our COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY "Patriot" Act. The line in the sand that has never existed in any world order is the rule we are innocent until proven guilty by the accuser.

Big money and small milks American polarization for its own agendae. Our original electoral college had the right to nullify all party candidates and could have elected Sanders and Carter for President and Vice President.
[Bernie & Jimmy: Goo-dol-boiz.]

Count the Washington DC churches elbowing our fake bank, and its fake court, fake capitol, and its fake seat of power, our white house. John Knox broke up Scotland’s dominating false moral factors and redistributed their primary-agents’ properties. We can advance Henry George’s constructs for an even greater union with a sophisticated tax scheme to prevent a similar domination of our freedoms.

America`s Nazi Secret 

It’s time to DCexit. Our freedoms have eroded state by state in favor, region by region of inutile federal support for counterproductive states. Obstructing Senator Sanders’ election bid was amoral. Our moral majority for want of local control did not and usually do not vote. This is why all of our founders originally intended to revert to state constitutions after 192 years. Our 1789 Constitution’s preservation of slavery would not have been approved without amendments. We still have the right to travel. Under the Articles escaped property did too, but under the Constitution’s 13th Amendment slaves could not even if their “crime” caused no harm. So, under the original Articles of Confederation we may relocate to the states which benefit us most. [Nixon’s Exec. Orders 11647 & 11731 gerrymandered federal regions 3, 4, & 5 to create the single voice that dominates every state.]

Corrupt liars project their own faults and evil behavior onto the innocent more and more, now. Let’s see...those who use fear, or smear one’s character or emotionally blackmail in judicious evaluation, impugn our July 4, 1776 founding principles. There is no justice in burning people at the stake in an ad catering public press no more perfect than the lowest of tabloids. Individual freedom means we are assumed to be innocent which is contrary to the church doctrines of every religion that surrounds Washington DC’s court, capitol house, white house and fake bank. It would be Christmas-come-true for 1+ mosques to be built across the street from every state capitol building. Morality gone wrong with IRS nose rings in every true believer blots out both personal and political freedom to favor only one—national security—the tyrant’s scream. 

[Some may take this video to say fascism is attacking itself.  I regard President-elect Trump to be a non-conformist who mocks the moral compass of our corporate media and its ring-kissing small-town sycophants.  For example, Gene Autry used to attend small-town rodeo breakfasts.  President-elect Trump has shown the capability of doing the same, contrary to the celebrities supermarket tabloids suck-up to.]
3 JAN 2017  04:00 Hrs  CIA vs. NSA 
One operative wounded in gun between themselves
on the streets of Manhattan, New York as reported by 
"Sorcha Fal," and  http://svr.gov.ru/
[scroll 1/2 down]

Liberalism is not the cause. Victimization is not the cause. Terrorism? Despotism? Machiavelli? Threats to national security? Arbitrary individualism? None of the above. Freedom is not a universal value. Our new world order of 1776 is not the 1974 Council on Foreign Relations members’ FAKE new world order. Socialists—nationalist and cosmopolitan—make us prisoners of their insolence; intentional communities like the one declared on July 4th gives our prisoners of conscience a second chance.

State by state we may re-establish our founding principles. Freely drawing upon and sincerely applying family insights with mutual respect manifests political freedom. Middle and high-school students may connect in dialog with county auditors and managers via the Internet to discuss laws of rule, so we may vote on them with a ‘click.’  Socialists who make us believe they are the keepers of our private morality are anti-American. Let’s just say fascism has two heads, red & black; one body, a snake’s. Charlie Chaplin’s “socialism” as did Ayn Rand’s existentialism respected each of our three freedoms. Name the nations which banned The Great Dictator and you will see where the two-headed snake lives today. On the dead level, it’s time to castrate the Doctrine of Discovery’s Papal Bulls; time to DCexit; time to burn Machiavelli’s Prince at the stake and socially put all tyrants to bed—for keeps.

The Attractions of the Roman Catholic Church 
(Original title: The Attractions of Popery)
by R. L. Dabney (1820-1898)

“The laws of the empire in the Middle Ages imposed no limitations upon bequests; thus, most naturally, monasteries, cathedrals, chapters, and archbishoprics became inordinately rich. At the Reformation they had grasped one-third of the property of Europe. But Scripture saith, Where the carcass is, thither the eagles are gathered together. Wealth is power, and ambitious men crave it. Thus this endowed hierarchy came to be filled by the men of the greediest ambition in Europe, instead of by humble, self-denying pastors; and thus it was that this tremendous money power, arming itself first with a spiritual despotism of the popish theology over consciences, and then allying itself with political power, wielded the whole to enforce the absolute domination of that religion which gave them their wealth. No wonder human liberty, free thought, and the Bible were together trampled out of Europe.

When the Reformation came, the men who could think saw that this tenure in mortmain had been the fatal thing. Knox, the wisest of them, saw clearly that if a religious reformation was to succeed in Scotland the ecclesiastical corporations must be destroyed. They were destroyed, their whole property alienated to the secular nobles or to the State (the remnant which Knox secured for religious education); and therefore it was that Scotland remained Presbyterian. When our American commonwealths were founded, statesmen and divines understood this great principle of jurisprudence, that no corporate tenure in mortmain, either spiritual or secular, is compatible with the liberty of the people and the continuance of constitutional government.”

Nearly two generations ago (the men of this day seem to have forgotten the infamy) William H. Seward, of New York, began this dangerous and dishonest game. He wished to be Governor of New York. He came to an understanding with Archbishop Hughes, then the head of the popish hierarchy in that state, to give him the Irish vote in return for certain sectarian advantages in the disbursement of the state revenues. Neither Rome nor the demagogues have since forgotten their lesson, nor will they ever forget it. It would be as unreasonable to expect it as to expect that hawks will forget the poultry yard."

Congressman Uncle Tom's Master,
Newt Gingrich [Moral Agency: Lutheran-Southern Baptist-Catholic-D. Hastert pal]
"says (AT 4 MINUTES 38") Congress can be bought off every year for $300 Million."
Ex-Marine, ROBERT DAVID STEELE, CEO Earth Intelligence Network
Tells Us How To Stop
The (FAKE) 1974 New World Order
and make more perfect (Reinvent)
our original 1776 New World Order

Dear Pope Francis,

God speaks to us with Sound and Light just like IT did to
Saul/Paul on his way to arrest the living Jesus in Damascus.

The Spiritual Exercises you speak of are for everyone. Ask one of your secret
members of Eckankar to send you a copy of Sri Harold Klemp's
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

When we knock on ITs door, we are on God's side.

[I am not a member. You will receive this message by
Saturday morning your time. We will meet as we have before.]
May the blessings be. :-)

Pope Francis the Evangelist’s
Delivered from Clementine Hall
Thursday, 22 December 2016

“Since the Curia is not an immobile bureaucratic apparatus, reform is first and foremost a sign of life, of a Church that advances on her pilgrim way, of a Church that is living and for this reason semper reformanda [survival of the fittest always]….

Here it must clearly be said that reform is not an end unto itself, but rather a process of growth and above all of conversion.

Consequently, the aim of reform is not aesthetic, an effort to improve the looks of the Curia, nor can it be understood as a sort of facelift, using make-up and cosmetics to embellish its aging body, nor even as an operation of plastic surgery to take away its wrinkles.

Dear brothers and sisters, it isn’t wrinkles we need to worry about in the Church, but blemishes!

Seen in this light, we need to realize that the reform will be effective only if it is carried out with men and women who are renewed and not simply new.”

© Copyright - Libreria Editrice Vaticana

 The Bogeyman Theory

Hola Mr. President,
Remember me?
If you got it, I sent you and Ms. Raisa the inspirational postcard
which had a cartoon of a frog flipping its tongue to grab a jetliner on takeoff.
I think someone named it "HUztPah."

If the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation talks
like the Roman Curia’s Inquisition;
the Department of Homeland Security Central Intelligence Agency walks
like a Roman Curia Conspiracy;
then Washington DC’s seven hills have become
your Roman Curia’s New World Order
just like they bragged they would.

Repent your karma.

A Corrupt Tree
Snow White Hiding
Estimates of the Number Killed by the Papacy by David A. Plaisted

Francis the Evangelist wants to lift the karma from his flock. Step (1) requires he lift the Papal Bulls Known as the Doctrine of Discovery which are used by the US to deny our American Hemisphere’s First People’s authenticity. Step (2) requires he confess the church’s sins publicly. Step (3) requires he light a psychic back-fire to put-out a predilection for persecution inherent in the Christian belief built around enforcing public unity in Christ and God with the sword and laws and not direct experience with Jesus through the Spiritual Exercises of imagination, faith and enlightenment.

There is the baptism in water which connects the whisper of Jesus in the minds of his chosen. There follows the baptism by fire which rechemicalizes the whisper of Jesus in each heart. These initiations are not occult, but are as scientifically pure as mathematics and nuclear vibration.

So be the Cause yesterday;
so It is today;
so be our expectations in tomorrow’s dreams.

[Note to Gen. Flynn: Song phrases could be secret code or an indication of what to
listen for in the lyrics. Listen carefully.
“Break-One-9, Break-One-9. I need a radio check out-there; anyone copy me?”
There is no need for Jesus to come again in a physical body if he has really proven death to be a myth, because then he would not need a body. So, I am not the only person who figures the false promise Jesus will return in a physical body is to keep humans placable, easy to lie to and exploitable.  Have an honest year ahead. We will need to work together on all levels. This means billionaires will be required to put their money where their mouths are and not cost the lives of we hoi polloi. (No. 2, the man in this photo is a lesson in karma if you reflect on what happened after they cut his penis off and stored it a jar.)]
[Additional Note to Gen. Flynn: The episodes for the Television Program
The Prisoner are psychological paradigms. President Putin's personal computer
located at Russia’s National Defense Management Center (NDMC)
not only uses mathematical paradigms, but psychological paradigms as much.
President Putin's scientists are less prone to spitefulness than Mother Russia's
middle managers.
 Vatican Mafia
Please take into consideration they do not have a paradigm that accounts for
error due their own hubris. It is not likely you comprehend the connection
this has with Yankee Doodle if your roots in the American Culture
(e.g. my mother's DNA links me to Biblical Jacob's only daughter,
Avon by Sea Native Indians, Czar Nicholas and Jesse James,)
 are as shallow as those which motivates Congress. Yankee Doodle won the
Revolution Sir, for the simple fact vanity was an ally; not an affliction.
Keep your shoes scuffed General.]

凌雲 - 走在風雨裡 
Written by Burt Bacharach, Hal David

Raindrops are falling on my head
And just like the guy whose feet 
Are too big for his bed
Nothing seems to fit
Those raindrops 
Are falling on my head
They keep falling. 

So I just did me some 
Talking to the sun
And I said I didn't like the way 
He got things done
Sleeping on the job
Those raindrops 
Are falling on my head
They keep fallin'

But there's one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me
Won't defeat me, it won't be long
Till happiness 
Steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep falling on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes 
Will soon be turning red
Crying's not for me 'cause, 
I'm never gonna stop the rain 
By complaining, 
Because I'm free
Nothing's worrying me

It won't be long 
Till happiness 
Steps up to greet me 

Raindrops keep falling on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes 
Will soon be turning red
Crying's not for me cause, 
I'm never gonna stop the rain 
By complaining, 
Because I'm free, 'cause nothing's worrying me

© Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group,
BMG Rights Management US, LLC

21 November 2016

Welcome Aboard

[Save image to enlarge on a computer screen]

Glad to have you on board, Mr. Pre-President-President Donald Trump:

Forbes Man of the Year?
Alex Jones?
I nominate Diamond & Silk
Born again main stream media has found its salvation.
Breaking News
Take a deep breath; flood your brain with oxygen first before watching.
Move over Alex...

Never saw your TV show. Wasn't reared on Moloch's altar, the TV or getting brainwashed by the movies which is great because it's allowed me to see how personalities cater to the brainwashed who worship them.

How many besides yourself, President-elect Trump know how much your TV show affected a positive change in consciousness for you?  You're a...a maverick now; a non-conformist or what liberals used to be before the fretters began believing their own BS about being encrusted by someone else's mud. Our founders defined by revisionist history knew the effect of imperial hybris.

A Stringfellow Barr (populare or leftist) essay on Rome suggested we could compare the events of 20 Roman years with every single year of our own history. This would put us between 70 BC and 67 BC when corrupt senators and wealth cracked the Roman republic wide-open. Future president Trump could be compared to General CN POMPEIVS CN F SEX N MAGNVS (optimare or radical conservative) who destroyed Rome's terrorists in six months. [Bless President Obama's heart for persevering under the pressure of his children being set up for kidnapping by Senator Mitch McConnell's CIA drug connections.]

We could do the same ourselves and relocate True Muslims to Western & Central Europe and Central & South America to become farmers. Preserving all mosques with a radioactive, 50 mile wide, Cobalt-60 ground cover would protect them (Bless the Holy Ground of Allah) from terrorist destruction for 100 years. The Saud family could trade places with India's Untouchables (May Allah protect the innocent) and crawl through the sewers with their push brooms. Wahhabi/Salafar terrorists would be sent to Texas, Arizona, & Japan to be used for target and sword practice. By 2020 of course, the entire near-east of Asia would be owned by Christian Zionist, dual-citizenship Americans armed by Jeb Bush & organized by Bob Jones University's (May Allah's justice separate Truth from chaff) Southern Baptists.

We have lost sight of becoming "a more perfect union" for our lack of education, wisdom and scruples. All Americans need to do is pick up their Bibles, the Bibles the religion below put people to death for if they had one and read the leadership allegory in the Old Testament's books of Samuel and Chronicles. Aristotle's logic will not make America great again. We have to balance the concepts of and the differences between "national freedom," "political freedom," & "individual freedom." I will add a fourth and name it "the conscience of a jury's freedom" which balances the equilibrium between the first three.

Counter-revolutionary, anti-Americans may agree with the motto below published in a 1909 pamphlet. Our nation is the first to be founded on principles; principles of life, liberty and happiness which the religion below actively curses and seeks to impugn as it has been doing with its law schools, tabloid/yellow press, oaths, business & social fraternities, creeds, alcohol and its social welfare programs, control of public school boards, organized crime syndicates, and its political/judicial influence.

No-one needs to be scapegoated or persecuted. We all must have a thorough understanding of our founding principles and know how to apply them with the four freedoms listed above. We cannot allow anything less if we are to be greater than the banana tyrants we have become.

Let's label our despots' ray of sunshine, hubris.
[The capitalization was in the pamphlet.]
[Roman] Catholic University of America at Washington DC
Neo-liberals are saying you have seen the dangers of having un-biased/un-censored information sources and are planning to turn Internet control over to the Corporate Godhead. You were born to be a despot. My life will be over before those who have no memory of the freedoms we had are running day-to-day life's Big Lie.
Believe it or not this essay by  المفكر الحر  was posted
on the NewsBud YouTube channel for the video titled:

President Washington’s Farewell Address predicted the problems inherent in our party management system which pits the biases of one group against another.  We need to examine successful models that have lasted without making themselves subject to an elite corps hidden within the model such as the Vatican’s and our plantation owners’ Constitution who were in fear of their minimum wage (room-board-free garden) slaves (property) escaping to abolitionist states.  Dr. J. Rufus Fears’ lectures, ‘The History of Freedom’  are invaluable for assessing what we need to have in mind when we consider what our founders in EVERY state focused on: namely our declaration of freedom from tyranny which applied to EVERY human person.

The Council on Foreign Relations Journal 1974 statement proclaiming a new world order is nothing more than the old world order wearing a new hat. Our “more perfect union” was hijacked by manifest destiny’s bankers, future Constitutional white voters who wanted farms that belonged to Indians and Black Freemen, and future immigrants who also wanted land like we simultaneously saw in Oklahoma and other states.

The Swiss model and American Indian Pow-Wows influenced our Continental Congress’ design. Said to be designed by forward thinking Jesuits, Switzerland’s confederation, posing as a federation today has done very well; so its use as a model for governance is as valid today as it was when considered by ALL the states in our formation. Taking our “more perfect union” away from the Constitution that hijacked it means revolution—and rebellion means realizing the power of your own conscience—our fourth branch of government—and taking back your conscience—the conscience of a juror who can veto.

Historians may be able to explain it, but an honest look at our three branches of government shows us this model does not prevent the despotism that is bad for business and good for genocide. Rose Wilder Lane’s ‘Discovery of Freedom’ precisely nails the limitations of Roman Curia fascism in the hands of the old world order. The roots of communism which are described by Jesus in “his” ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ Peter Kropotkin in ‘Mutual Aid,’ our early communes described by Charles Nordhoff, Sr.; Transcendentalists Alcott, Emerson, Thoreau, and Frederick Douglass and American Indian tribal culture are the natural evolution of 1776’s anti-tyrant new world order. Apolitical communism’s way of life does not produce waste. New world order capitalism cannot work without communism’s moral agency (see: Jack Stack’s ‘A Stake in the Outcome’).

That prefaced, we the people may now recognize ourselves as a “more perfect union” that leans on a virtual central government; not a physical one. By this I intend “we the people” vote for or veto via the Internet on the laws that govern us. We can even go so far as discussing what we need for our futures in grade-school through high-school provided that our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES are taught and established to expunge brute worship of personality and flag.

Security of the vote? Current voting is nothing more than a mob-check. Key states in 2016 are said to have had their voting machine security circuits turned off by governing officials. One citizen—one vote—one secret ballot all protected by bonded local county auditor expertise means every CONSCIENCE (no need for brutish parties) may take direct action on its own welfare. Our Continental Congress (basic think-tank) may also include reasonable thinkers from any state admitted to the Union from anywhere in our hemisphere as was originally destined. More efficient than Switzerland’s, our think-tank system may be chosen electronically or by paper to administer political intrigue and a unified common law legal system controlled in virtual reality by everyone. [btw, any chance for you to hook up with Patreon’s clear-blue-sky-window for we small-time monthly donors?] 

This video below may be provide a clue to what I am talking about with respect to unfettered imaginations.

This Playlist provides more of the above.

America's Pundits need to spend more time listening to Black thinkers on Facebook and in Youtube to stay ahead of Magister Ludi.

Warren Pollock is not Black, but he is in touch with the same roots; deep.

Have a great four years, Mr. President.

23 October 2016


Click on Fotos to Enlarge or Save Image to Enlarge

The missing link that Catholicized America
Evidence for the arson attack on the SS Normandie/USS Lafayette
comes from Meyer Lansky and Charles Luciano  --  See: Bondanella, Peter E (2004).
Hollywood Italians: Dagos, Palookas, Romeos, Wise Guys, and Sopranos.
New York: Continuum International Publishing Group. p. 200. ISBN 0-8264-1544-X.
See also: Gosch, Martin A; Hammer, Richard (1974).
The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano.
Boston: Little, Brown and Company. pp. 260–262.

Ha Ha Ha
Liberal means non-conformist. If you prefer to expand and contract with the reality-sphere instead of bumping into each other inside the classroom-box, you are a NEO-Liberal. Try writing a check: a BRASS check
and then make it shine.

to understand how organized crime; how the KKK re-birthed itself in the heart Anti-American, Counter-Revolutionary Joseph McCarthy; and how the American Liberty League re-birthed itself to later be called Citizens United.

Curious how narcissism dictates purity is a state in
which no-one has anything to be ashamed of
when purity is used to define the truth.

Get a glimpse of the connection the above information has with the content of this link  http://www.justacitizen.com/ 

and the content of this link 

to compare them with patterns in these links:

More here:

Please allow James' database a little time. He survives like the birds do in one on the parables Jesus told. Small donations will preserve his excellent source of information and links.

The Quick may notice Felon Robert Hanssen's ol' club in this link.

and you may begin to see what the Age of Reason and Tom Paine had to do with our founding principles and what we originally had in mind for the New World Order of 1776 that struck fear in the hearts of tyrants everywhere before we were conquered to become a tyrant ourselves.

The Rise Of The Politics Of Rage
The world is being run by KLEPTOCRATS

But for True Protestants as planned, "Christians" have been Catholicized.

“I’ve found that my beliefs are essentially the
same as those of orthodox Roman Catholics.”
– Billy Graham, MCalls JAN 1978

This means if you are a Baptist; maybe even a Methodist or a Lutheran
you are just as much a follower of the Pope as Episcopalians.

One would believe that if there were chickens that laid green
eggs, coexisting with animals too on the American continent
before Mr. & Mrs. Clovis arrived, then someone must have followed
the critters here long before the Clovis family's streak of hungry good luck.
First Americans may have crossed Atlantic 50,000 years ago

-------In progress----

Oh, well--something the Roman Curia doesn't want anyone to
know lest having "a big mouth" challenge the fascist need to dominate the gullible
by making certain people are happy to be no smarter than a box of rubber bands.

Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press (1996)

NO human, beast or angel can get into heaven on the
Brother's Keeper Credit Card.

Reincarnation is all about paying off past debts by either suffering,
doing good works, or by paying money that symbolizes something
worthy of being valued. Paying off debt with debt will not work.

09 October 2015

The Golden Rule

What you don't want done to yourself, don't do to others.
[6th Century BC]

Hurt not others with that which pains thyself.
[5th Century BC]

In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self, and should therefore refrain from inflicting upon others such injury as would appear undesirable to us if inflicted upon ourselves.
[5th Century BC]

Do not do unto others all that which is not well for oneself.
[5th Century BC]

Classical Paganism
May I do others as I would that they should do unto me.
[Plato 4th Century BC]

Do naught to others which if done to thee would cause thee pain.
[Mahabharata 3rd Century BC]

What is hateful to yourself, don't do to your fellowman.
[Rabbi Hillel 1st Century BC]

Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.
[Jesus of Nazareth 1st Century AD]

Treat others as thou wouldst be treated thyself.
[16th Century AD]

American Pragmatism
1) Do everything you agree to do. 2) Do not encroach on other persons or their property.
[Richard Maybury 20th Century AD]

No law of the land exists. No golden rule exists. The arbitrary label of "infidel" may be applied to anyone wantonly.
[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 21st Century AD]

Beaten and tortured for asking about being paid for her work, locked in a room for speaking in Tamil and trying to contact her family, Tamil Nadu native, 55-year old Kashturi Munirathinam, working as a domestic aid in Saudi Arabia had her arm amputated for escaping from the room.

Our US Trade & Commerce Department could best export our ideals and principles if an embargo were imposed on Saudi Arabia just like we failed to do with Cuba for 50+ years.

Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his post Mr. Trump, because of what you stand for...and it was not during a time of declared war as you ignorantly assume.

Article 1 Section 8 Clause 11
US Constitution (Federal)
"Clause 11. To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;"

This clause grants Congress one of its most important powers: the power to declare war. Congress, and only Congress, can officially do so. (The President can't!) This clause also grants Congress one of its more bizarre powers: the power to hire pirates to attack the nation's enemies. (That's what a "Letter of Marque" is... a letter that gives a pirate official permission to do his thing in the name of the national interest. Avast, ye mateys!)

These two below are as anti-American as our blowhard Republican dictocrats.

And as above so below...

So far it looks like Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders are our and the planet's only relief.

was passed after being vetoed by dictocrat President Nixon. This law confirms the established precedent of only allowing our standing army to shoot and kill foreign nationals who have attacked our borders. This is why the G W Bush administration allowed New York's "twin towers" plus one to be attacked and destroyed. 

Our Union's domestic enemies calling themselves Congress who do not obey our law of the land should be impeached and imprisoned if not hung for treason. There is a reason for giving only Congress the right to declare war and we are living the reason now.

Titles of Aristocracy
None are allowed unless approved by Congress, but we have General Colin Powell and President G. H. W. Bush who have been knighted by the Queen of England. 

So if you are a Persian or Arabic Princess or Prince or Rock & Roll Star, you will need to have your aristocratic title of  'ASS' approved by Congress if you want to lead.


"Clause 8. No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."

Here the Framers of the Constitution sought to ensure that the United States would never develop a formal aristocracy such as that which ruled Britain. The US government cannot grant any titles of nobility; here in America, we have no counts or dukes or earls. Further, no one working for the government is allowed to accept a grant of nobility from a foreign government, either. This was mainly included as an attempt to block foreign corruption of US government officials.

These links may explain what we would have and are gaining by way the aristocratic title of  "ASS."

Slavery in Saudi Arabia:
Imprisonment & Execution of Migrant Workers

Rich Nation, Poor People: Saudi Arabia by Lynsey Addario

03 June 2012

Thoughts on the Sea

Seafaring Song with Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan


This is an interesting discovery today. I used to pass on the way to classes the place where the Screaming Trees practiced in the old Darigold Processing Plant. I believe it was Mark's family or one of his friends who used to run a small video store where I could rent foreign movies before Hollywood video moved into town and went broke along with Blockbuster. E* Video had VHS copies of nearly all episodes of The Prisoner long before the series became "Hip."

Sailor's Union of the Pacific

Seafarers International Union

Canada's Sweetheart: The Saga of Hal C. Banks

The Seafarers by Stanley Kubrick