16 December 2010

Solving the Medical Care Crisis in the US using Common Sense

Iatrogenics and Cancer compete for the #1 and #3 cause of death. Heart Disease maintains itself at #2. Nearly all IATROGENIC deaths are caused by medical institutions and medical doctors. It is rare for a doctor to shoot their co-workers like Dr. Bello did in the Bronx and even more rare for an MD to shoot their patients. Health Care reform starts by eliminating deaths caused by medical experts.

I challenge Congress to begin demonstrating their qualifications by requiring the Center for Disease Control to datamine and report all iatrogenic causes for death in addition to datamining all deaths by cancer within a 300 mile radius of all nuclear sites (including nuclear submarine bases).

In his article, Ward Dean MD provides eight factors to resolve the manufactured crisis.

1 Open enrollments in medical, nursing, and other health-care related fields like X-ray, laboratory technology, physical therapy, etc, to allow all qualified applicants to enroll.

2 Remove the government restrictions against the promotion of importation of foreign drugs in the U.S. by patients for their personal use.

3 Allow patients to purchase non-controlled drugs without prescriptions.

4 Allow manufacturers to make truthful health claims for herbs, biological substances and nutrients.

5 Reduce or eliminate the requirement for malpractice insurance.

6 Reduce hospital costs.

7 Eliminate the role of third-party payers (i.e., insurance companies) in medicine.

8 Give physicians who perform charity work a tremendous tax break, on a level equivalent to tax relief for interest paid on home mortgages.

Add these five elements to understand & cure yourself: 1) portion control, 2) take a stroll between the main meal and dessert, 3) turn off the TV, 4) google "chlorine dioxide ion" "jim humble" & visit www.electroherbalism.com, www.curezone.com, www.sharinghealth.com, & www.wrongdiagnosis.com, and last, 5) Persons with money have little or no respect for those who do not.

In my opinion, using MMS, MMS2, herbs & clay, and electricity (magnetism, sound, & light included), it is possible to destroy any pathogen safely; without becoming a victim of iatrogenics (physician/pharmacy error).