02 November 2017

Time out for 賢明な瞑想


[Been wondering about how I know about this stuff.  Turns out it's in the blood.  Discovered two days ago the speech writer was my first cousin-six times removed.  Go figure, eh?  The Vatican's 55 million immigrants between 1846 and 1925 have failed to drown out our original republic's voices.]

Independent Media at Work
Christian Science Monitor 

Catherine Austin Fitts - Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies,
What About You? 

Community begins and ends with we the grass roots. The corruption we have now is due to having no term limits for Congress.  This was predicted by anti-federalists like Mercy Otis Warren and others. Socialism is habit of selflessness. It cannot be made to happen with laws no-one obeys.  Doing so creates Nazis like Spain's, Rome's and Germany's National Socialists who started WWII to make the Globe all Romanist for the Vatican.
Let us pray no-one thumps us with a Bible while kneeling to shew Orthodox Russians our gratitude for Max Keiser's straightforward honesty.

Stroszek by Werner Herzog
Last scene in a story about the American Dream in the eyes of a German gent (Bruno, "here in America, they push me around and hurt me with a smile") who was always being beaten up on the streets by German bully-thugs. He has a frozen turkey (symbol of plenty to eat) under one arm and a shotgun under the other. Scene was filmed in Cherokee NC a few miles from Durham, NC home of Duke University. The movie is reputed to have inspired suicides (fewer than ecumenical Billy Graham's Romanist crusade total). Switch to the Lawrence Welk's version of the Chicken Dance if you start wondering where your bullets are after your wife hid them again.

Note the authors. This CIA course uses the Soviet Union as a model for the tyranny we are experiencing in the US today.

 Father Walsh's introduction discusses Soviet contradictions.

Vatican/US Policy thanks to a free press has plenty of its own contradictions due to the fact our monarchy's CIA princes pay lip service to our founding principles (call it hypocrisy).

Romanist educators are against our Federation’s First Amendment’s guarantee that we have as much of a right to have an opinion as a Supreme Court judge.

US Federal Constitution, Amendment 1

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

When a religious creed becomes the rule of law, we have fascism. Christianity is still a religion for a minority of Citizens. True Communism has been a way of life for many Americans who believe and practice the hymns many Citizens used to sing in church before Social Security stepped in to help them. God did not need to be printed on our money until hypocrisy started writing the laws after prohibition ended, the Federal Reserve took control, and the Council of Foreign Relations finished its SECRET tunnel connection between Georgetown University and Congress.

Amendment I:
Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, and Assembly

  Fifty Years in the Church of Rome

The Suppressed Truth about the
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
by Burke McCarty, Ex-Romanist
[scroll down to find chapter 2]

 Asher Edelman Says Market Dips Are Being Bought by PPT
[Plunge Protection Team]
Sales taxes on stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies would eliminate all other taxes and possibly act as a natural regulation of the market in my not so humble opinion.  Sales taxes on market activity would also take control back from the Romanists indicated below.

This is how brain washing works.
5 Monkeys 
 There isn't any need to kill fellow students when an authority figure publicly humiliates you for control. Just get up, walk out of the room, and report it to the principal's office.  The next time, leave the school.  If forced to come back an it happens a third time, you have turned your cheek twice already. Sue the teacher, parents of the students in your class, the school district, and the school board members for harassment. When you own the school, run it your own way and try not to be sued for what you do.


Euro-centric Feminists--Chemtrail ready
Zika or not...Let the mosquitoes bite!

Spawn to the Head of the Class
Chauvinism created by preferential bias

In twelve years the vision of both authors will begin to show what freedom can do with a woman's heart and mind, body and Soul when left alone by Sacerdotal Romanist law schools which daily eat away at our founding principles: 1) the freedom to live without interference, 2) the freedom to be free among friends, family, and free thinkers, and 3) the freedom to live in harmony as equals in the eyes of our law of the land. Future leaders can begin to put these qualities to work in their journals by making note of those they encounter in the world at large.

Glass Palace

The Vatican's Mafia
by Rafael Rodrquez Guillen

Communism is not the bogeyman. The bogeyman's purveyors of fear are the monster under the bed, the thief in your bank account, your teens on alcohol and dope supplied by Romanists like Joseph Kennedy and Al Smith.  Japanese teens use alcohol responsibly and have no need for dope except to identify with youth in America. Prohibition put a lot of money in family pockets as it was intended. Corrupt corporations are today's welfare queens. Ethical corporations pay taxes. An old statistic said about 16% of all corporations pay taxes just like the rest of us.  
Cryptolium: Looking for answers in Singapore
Explaining the failing dollar as a shrinking 12 inch ruler with numbers getting smaller and harder to read as the 12 actual inches shrink to One actual Inch makes a lot of sense. Comparing crypto-currencies to the dollar or oil barrel values demonstrates how easy it is to lie to one's self. Freedom does not need propaganda or titles.

Col Barry Turner - Committee of 300 John Coleman 
Critique (HR)
Romanist Dutch Farmers (Boers) brought their racism with them to South Africa; just like they brought scalping to New Amsterdam, and genocide to Indonesia. English class consciousness layered itself into Africa's social fabric just as it did in the Southern United States. Dr. Coleman speaks as a South African. The critique by Col. Turner makes a great model for critiquing one's own works. The word 'academic' is used with precision in the discussion and not condescendingly.  An Aunt of mine between husbands reported how the Dutch built their fences shoulder high.  Indonesians who did not stoop in genuflection as they walked by were shot in the head from family porches.

Operation Condor-
A Latin American alliance that led to disappearances and death

Why Everything You Think You Know about Jesus is Wrong
 - Interview with Author Reza Aslan

Operation Condor:

South American Genocide

Took place while Pope Francis was a priest. Fortunately he was being disciplined with service dedicated to indigenous peoples high in the mountains of Argentina.

Something for the mind to chew on by those who say the Spanish are not cannibals. The French developed a taste for human flesh during the crusades.  Unlucky Christians were eaten just like everyone else.  Now you know why Romanist French like the sweet taste of horse-meat.

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