02 November 2017

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Heracles and the Mares of Diomedes
[Milo of Croton was a Pythagorean]


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Sufi Music I Rumi Poetry - HU

Just As I Am (Lyrics in Navajo)

Hein Braat - Maha Mrityeonjaya Mantra
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John Judge, COPA 2013 - Closing Remarks
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Political Assassinations and the Criminal Justice System - 
William Pepper with Bonnie Faulkner #374

Maybe one of these silicon spam & cracker billionaires
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Deep-State-Conformity's Face of Rapture

Nuclear Armageddon and Salvation
for "useless eaters?"

"Christian Charity" against itself to re-establish
the old-world-order's  Sacerdotal Monarchy?

Figure out the pattern$.
H. R. McMaster's role 'National Security Adviser' matches the same role the American Liberty League planned for Gen. Smedley D. Butler in their plot to overthrow FDR.  Gen. Butler declined making FDR a puppet serving in a ceremonial role.  Gen. Butler declined replacing the Secretary of State with himself as Sec. of General Affairs.
The Soul Jesus identified as John the Baptist was dealt exactly the way he dealt with Ahab's and Jezzebel's Baal priests when he was the Elijah the Prophet.  Beheaded. Soul reincarnates and works off past hubris; not the personality.

Start with Europe's cannibalistic 30 year war;

continue with the Columbus' golden hands of genocide and pedophilia in Latin America;

the dominate, pro-slavery agricultural economy of the US South that fed the Sacerdotal Monarchy via Maryland and the other slave states;

the Mexican-American war to take Texas that President Harrison opposed and was assassinated for;

the US Civil War to end slavery and the US War Civil War to prevent the North and South from being divided up between the British and the Austro-Hungarian Empires;

the Spanish-American War established a new empire for war-profits;

the Caribbean-Wars of hegemony (War is a Racket by Maj. Gen. Butler);

the First WW;

the Second WW;

the Korean War;

the Vietnam War;

the Iraq & Afghanistan wars;

the Syrian war to protect ISIS terrorists for a war to dominate Iran.... 

Our Founders--a Background:

The 1754 Conference of Albany was voluntarily called to accommodate and resolve hostilities with the Iroquois for mutual protection. This effort was preceded by the Iroquois system of self-government under their own constitution. The delegates who attended would have voices later in the formation of our Union.
The Iroquois Eagle, Five Nations and the Tree of Peace.

Mr. Rove's 2 bit empire is a junkie.
His ilk will make sure flag worshippers die for it.
Romanism's vineyard of faith has dried up to be replaced with
monopolistic addiction to pharmaceutical profits. Time for the Vatican to start
reading the Christian Science Monitor for articles on ethical corporations to invest in.

Serving as a model, a second conference was called to tackle the taxation methods of the monarchy which required a special stamp--a nuisance stamp.

A larger conference was called in 1774 to address grievances, decide on a list of rights, and the organization of a boycott--all of which were ignored pretty much like our own Congress does today in preference to licking the corporate shoes that bribe them.

You may see by the delegate list for the 2nd Continental Congress how skimpy the signatures were for the Constitution which followed after the Revolution was won and we became citizens. Our first African leader of Portuguese descent, John Hanson was the ninth president of the United States in Congress Assembled as our original confederation was called. The Declaration of Independence was signed by delegates for the 2nd Continental Congress. The Congress of Confederation established our Federal Constitution which passed only for the Bill of Rights which amended it.

In my opinion, the Constitution was written to protect slavery's aristocrats from not having escaped slaves returned to them. It was also written to protect bankers who are corrupt (the imprisonment of WWI debt-ridden veterans was a repeat of Shays Rebellion against becoming debt peons). Modifying our original articles of Confederation would have secured our Uniform Commercial Code 228 years ago. The basics of this code are purposely not taught to us in our teens when we first become consumers. Slavery would have died out with the invention of the cotton gin if we had stayed with the Articles of Confederation. We had a revolution without a flag; without an army; without a central bank; without a state religion; without a monarch. Our founders were several; persons just like you and I.

Racism arrived with the Statue of Liberty's Trojan hoard.
Slavery comes in as many brands and colors as credit cards.

Racism comes in only one color--Narcissism; your own.

The 1860 Census provides an honest account of the number of free Africans who owned slaves. Africans also "owned" white bond slaves. [Irish Romanists who deserted the Union army to fight for the Vatican begat today's KKK cops & racists.]

A visit to Nova Scotia will bear this out--what it was like
before racism replaced English class self-consciousness which arrived in 1701 according to Lerone Bennett Jr. 

So it is in this context the meaning of "liberty of conscience" arises in the following consideration of Samuel F. B. Morse's opinions on liberty and slavery. What stopped free Africans from organizing as a congress to meet as an assembly in cities throughout the colonies? I do not accept the argument that most people want to be told what to do to live like lichens on stone and moss on stumps.

The following piece addresses asymmetric migratory warfare.
by Samuel Morse 1854

The Council of Foreign Relations began promoting war with the Japanese culture as soon as it was created in 1921.
by Burke McCarty, ex-Romanist
Originally published 1922


by Rev. Father Charles Chiniquy

by Rev. Father Charles Chiniquy who details his participation
in the overthrow of our Union by Romanists

by Rev. Father Charles Chiniquy

by MonseƱor Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Guillen
SS Normandie being prepared as a troop carrier WW II.
German agent Lucky Luciano bragged later about sinking it.

These WW I profiteers organized the predecessor to Citizens United -- 
The American Liberty League whose purpose was to take control by
force the US Government with the arrest of President Roosevelt.
They would have done it if Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler
(War is a Racket) had not been a true Union patriot.

Presidents Reagan, G. H. W. Bush, Clinton, G. W. Bush and maybe Obama accomplished what the conspirators above planned to achieve. Our Romanist press hushed this up too.

The sensational account of the most horrifying
religious massacre of the 20th century

Our US capitol formerly owned by a family, name of Pope
is a mirror image in all respects of Rome, Italy
with its seven hills and a swamp.

Mae Brussell mentioned 3 Cardinals are said to also have
been murdered within hours of Pope John Paul's.

The Religious Beginnings of an Unholy War
The Shocking Story of the Catholic "Church's"
Role in Starting the Vietnam War

We murdered Buddhist and Protestant alike;
Catholic & Taoist alike for the Vatican. Major General Edward Lansdale's psyop to spread rumors amongst Catholics in the Vietnamese north that they should move to the south for safety, failed. Atheist Ho Chi Minh proved to be closer to God than Billy Graham's Baptists and the Vatican combined. The National Council of Churches paid a high price for turning against Catholics' and Baptists' support for the Vietnam war.

The first modern communists were American Christians
who stood to pray in gratitude for their meals.
Some of the earliest who practiced whole-system-management (intentional community) were the Pythagoreans, Magi, & Essenes. The Druze (Magi-Egyptian-Pythagorean with haplogroup X1 connection to four north American Ind'n tribes having X2 DNA) do not share their secrets just as the Parsees (Magi) keep their beliefs private too which are passed down through the mother.

Take control of the Wall-Street-Liberty-League's semantics.
Visualize your semantic attacks as well-placed and as silent as this tool, but use it as a metaphor on concepts; not property or people. Think self-defense and...
Google: Strike hard-Strike home. 

My M haplogroup roots via Jamaica

Hero or nuisance? Justice served or privilege granted?
Gov. Ventura as the document above states was
out-duded by 33 media companies and their court
bullies who failed to be Ms. Kyle's friends in the original trial.

The Sniper's wife would not have lost a penny if
her dead husband put his money were his braggadocio came from.
The judges seem to be hiding their first names out of shame for allowing
the media to gang-up to prevent Gov. Ventura from getting honest justice.
One man-One voice-One sign

The verses are for contemplation during the day. The insights that come to you are like the little bubbles of imagination described somewhere in this piece which protect the truth you hear in your Spiritual ear and learn from in the mind's eye. Think about the guide who established the Yule for light during the longest day of the year so Druids would not have to sacrifice and eat the village idiot. [No printing press to do it for them.] This is the same guide who used the mistletoe or Golden Bough in the Tree of Nestor to heal and later create the Zodiac on arriving in India which described the historic patterns of our cosmos.

Long before the first speaker of the 'aryan' dialect (Iran-Ireland-same word) left cannibalism in Europe behind and settled in India after curing a plague with mistletoe, the first peoples of the American Hemisphere arrived to perfect harmony with their management of the world as a whole system. Indian cities were a mirror image of the cosmos they understood. We honored the Iroquois Constitution written perhaps about the time of a total eclipse close to 1389 AD with our 25 cent piece image of an Eagle perched on the Tree of Peace with 5 arrows.

Any Knight of Columbus wanting to sue me has the right to be wrong.
Just as I do. Let me know. Putting the image of God on coins belongs to the Romanist tradition. Render unto Caesar the coin of the realm and to God the true coin if you know what karma means.

Spaniards feeding their dogs on living people in the new world.
Spaniards extirpating Indians

New Personality Disorder
or Google the "Execution of Daniel Shaver"
Reading the comments in this video, you may understand how a lawless land that owns guns incurs a higher frequency of assassinations of public officials. As John Judge explains above, justice takes a back seat to privilege.

'Thug in uniform' attitudes are primarily an Irish Romanist tradition if you understand how writing laws to inhibit harmless liberties creates income opportunities for Romanist law schools, officer enforcement, legal defense, legal prosecution, need for bigger courts to hold more judges, and bigger jails. Add on the need for psychologists to theorize and educate, and the need for sociologists to tend the victims as church pews are replaced with welfare lines.

Law officers are punishing themselves more since Donald Trump became President. Assassinations of police have decreased. Pin an IOU on one with a karma donation to their national memorial fund. It only takes one thug in uniform to endanger all the good men who genuinely serve our Constitution's principles.

Quod omnis liber probus sit (Every Good Man Is Free)

The Authentic Sound of North America 2002 Full

The Excommunication of Fr. Tissa Balasuriya
by Basil Fernanda

Karma teaches us how futile it is to relativize our moral codes 
and expect it not to have any effect on our faith in [Divine] Love

Henry Kissinger's Moscow Airport greeters
(Henry's private photo someone hacked years ago).

Price on double-wides have gone up.
Helminths optional.

Romanist Economics
Read about it in the Vatican Press
(Includes Hollywood censors, largest newspapers in the largest cities
that were targeted for immigration you may read about it in the 
autobiography above by Re. Fr. Charles Chiniquy--His first edition
and plates were destroyed by arsonist fire started in his home.)

The 1937 year is about the time League of Decency's Jesuit lay persons appeared in force to censor and impose its moral code on American beliefs via letters, Vatican press etc in support of Romanist domination against our founding principles. Romanists put
Protestant Will Hays in charge who assigned skirt sniffer Father Breen to make life miserable for Mae West & femininity.