30 January 2017

Systemic Catharsis by Yankee Doodle

Changing the Ownership of Capital

“No need to restrain capitalism” –Gar Alperovitz 

To Each His Own; God is my Keeper;

not You;
not the Church;
not the State;
not the United States;
not the United Nations...
...or will it be...
Every man for himself;
God against All;
Blind Faith in the Church;
Church & State are One?
 Nothing to Show.

The lips of Republicrat pride sink ships.

I am not the only person who knows regional federal detention centers were built in anticipation of the next manufactured threat to national freedom.

Reading CATO Institute's 52-57 page self-enthrallment on how to peel back and dispose of Social Security, little is revealed about how to pay for the elimination of Franklin D Roosevelt's progressive policies (which he inherited from the previous Republican president). 

The Great Depression of 2008 was set up beginning with Pres. Reagan's roll-back of FDR's banking laws and followed by Presidents Bush' and President Clinton's further roll-back of banking laws. Kudos are due to President Obama for re-establishing a shadow of what existed at the end of President Carter's term. But dividing zero by zero still adds up to NULL.

Go figure...

What Syria looks like today serves as a model alternative to the above solutions.
A reasonable estimate 20 years ago for eliminating Social Security would have cost us $1.8 Trillion. It is safe to say it would cost us
$5 1/2 Trillion today. Prove it? It is in the CATO report if you can find it.

Without US Social Security, 2 out of 3 people will be homeless as predicted for the world around by the United Nations several years ago. We will fully be a third or even fourth world nation; our national, our fellowships' and our personal freedoms impugned; federal detention centers filled with slave laborers as stated in the 13th Constitutional Amendment which President Lincoln signed.

President Obama is our 8th President of African descent. President Lincoln may likely have been our second or third president of African descent.

Revisionist history and the thought of enslavement in the name of security has had the most appeal to Professor Leo Strauss' Neo-Con followers like Rumsfeld and Kristol.
Our current President Trump has the power to call for a Continental Congress to re-establish our Union as it was originally intended under the Articles of Confederation. If not then his challenge will be to eliminate poverty for all US Citizens and restore our ability to be creative again that comes with being REALLY free as imaginative human persons. Freedom of imagination is what made America great if you read Rose Wilder Lane's Discovery of Freedom.

Political aristocrats want civil war and have used suggestion to provoke it with regard to preserving gun rights and not saying anything about an organized local militiae. They want to put us on track of becoming a theocracy.

10 Steps You Can Take to Democratize Your Community
Interview with Gar Alperovitz

The four books above describe how & what we may do to eliminate the need for social security which solved the social needs caused by an overabundance of workers due to immigration policies 140 years ago.

What Then Can I do?

Putting a 1 cent per dollar tax on commodities, futures, stocks, bonds, and currency sales may do it. Perpetual war only makes the top three banks, top three chemical companies, and top three heavy machine (jets mostly) industries profitable.


Civil war if our President wants to be known for it, will start with sporadic fires before the fire-bugs start on wealthy neighborhoods like they did close to Oakland several years back. Small manufacturing may be next in line for combustion. And eventually skyscrapers.
The ensuing chaos will open the doors for invasion from China to be gratefully accepted by those who want peace. They will arrive just like we played in the board game called RISK--by ocean freighter containers.

Eventually main-stream religions will be penalized by our Chinese invaders in favor of the smaller religions who have no desire for political power if you read the statement at the top of this post. Much was learned about us and our moral values in North Korean prisoner of war camps during McCarthy's "Red Scare" intended to Catholicize us against Russian Orthodox Christians.

There are reports already of the jaded and disgruntled using hypodermic syringes to poison bananas with death viruses in the produce section. This would make having more than one pet popular to own.
Enjoy the next four years of side shows and be sure to smile when you are stroked with rewards and medals.