13 February 2017

My Prayer

...for City-Capras, by Hill-Billy-Og, Son of Fire....
Veterans kneeling to pray at Standing Rock
Trump Speech at National Prayer Breakfast, 1478
Hosanna !

In the henotheistic Spirit of the Grandfather of all father gods,
All son gods, and all baby-mama gods...
May all prayers for President Donald J. Trump, US of A
Be realized in full for all persons
Who want or need God's blessings
Nationally, politically, and personally in accord
With being for the greatest good
For all as established on America's victory of principle
For the first time in human history
As set forth by Rhode Island’s
Declaration of Independence from tyranny
And our Union’s Declaration of Independence
From false moral doctrine in 1776.

On this prayer for all prayers may every prayer—
Against—the above principles
And their Godhead of Sound
(the word heard before humans including Dr. Seuss made marks on stone, hide or clay)
And Light
(inner light of imagination, faith, trust—and Lucifer's material light)
In which these principles are rooted
By our Great-Grandfather God’s hand
Be realized in full
As indirect blessings in disguise
For all persons who intuitively think, feel and act
In constant good faith
Fairly for the greatest benefit individually
For all persons
Who only need,
Without hubris
Enough ego to survive.
In the Merciful One’s Great Love Poem of Oceanic Consciousness:
Amen—Om Mani Padme Hum—AllaHU Akbar—( add your own closing here ).

 A more perfect Union cannot afford remedial Justice.

 Possible remedy for the above tyranny....

I provide these two books to suggest that the best relationships are made with values established on solid Spiritual ground as Dr. Carl Rogers advocated. Buddhist women have the development to understand both Christian and Muslim. Together women may join in unison Spiritually with these three paths to convince Congressional Legislators their survival is now dependent on what women want, what women need and what women think; not what an immoral Catholic hierarchy wants and then uses emotional blackmail to get.

The Roman Curia's hierarchy through ex-Pope Benedict and its middle management mafia has declared pedophilia to be a normal human experience.  Pedophilia is child rape. Western Europe's royal and aristocratic pedophiles are known to murder and sacrifice children when they enter their teens. In Montana, one pedophile was caught feeding children ground up in his meat grinder to their parents at church potlucks and to the Air force personnel where he worked in the kitchen. Child rape is not normal even for Catholics who believe in tolerating it.

My Name Is Anneke Lucas and I Was a Sex Slave
to Europe's Elite at Age 6  --By Anneke Lucas,  Dec. 19, 2016

Rights are a gift from the Great-Grandfather or God if your beliefs are not rooted in the American hemisphere. How we express our gifts makes ALL the difference between tyranny and freedom. Human sacrifice is a left-over ignorance from Pagan Europe's Druids left behind by the Druids who resettled in India between 5000-4250 CRE who put an end to human sacrifice. Judeo-Islamic human sacrifice was supposed to end when an angel stopped the hand of Abraham about to carve up his 40 year old eldest son tied to a pile of sticks. Grandfather God knows sacrificing a human being will not change human nature and for anyone to state the sacrifice of his grandson Jesus in the belief it will is just as stone-ignorant as Abraham proved to be. In the name of our Great-Grandfather God may all who make this false claim for salvation and then murder the innocent compensate with the loss of their own first born.

The roots of Sufism are said to be found in the Old Testament book of Daniel. The relationship between Christianity and Islam may be understood with this translation of the Quran and with access to a full set of the Encyclopedia of Islam. Jesus or Isa is respected as a healing prophet in Islam, though many Muslims are persecuted by other Muslims who love Jesus as a prophet.

Rose Wilder Lane's Discovery of Freedom not only describes the roots of communism as a way of life; not a political master, but she more than adequately describes communism's cultural blind-spot in her comparison of politicized socialism with Islam.

Genesis 2:7 -- And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

There is no shame in losing a baby in the eyes of the Spiritual; but only in the eyes of tyrants who pit you against yourself by making the claim they speak for God at your expense. Life begins with the first breath. A fetus is not a child until it knows its own mother and can tell her she is loved with its own voice.