15 May 2017

Let's Argue (keeps the mind shiny)

Know your birds. Truth does not get boring.

Karl Rove

For the king knoweth of these things, before whom also I speak freely: for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from him; for this thing was not done in a corner. -- Acts 26:26

America's Deus ex machina: Not Quite a Prophet
“Almost persuaded,” harvest is past!
“Almost persuaded,” doom comes at last;
  “Almost” cannot avail;
  “Almost” is but to fail!
  Sad, sad that bitter wail—
    “Almost—but lost!”
Philip P Bliss 1871 hymn Almost Persuaded

Professor Leo Strauss’ tropes have been brain-washing us with Perry Mason for the ‘educated’ and Gunsmoke for the kinesthetically talented most of our lives. Hollywood movies told the whole story before Jesuit censorship became our moral agent. Bad guys wore white hats. Bosoms were OK; breast feeding too. Pedophilia was not cute. Killing did not make you a ‘tough’ guy and winners did not brag.

The American Dream

UP 844 Highball @ 75mph

The message was more important than the priest, the sophist teacher, or president. Real Christians and Jews went to church on Sunday or Saturday. One day a week was set aside for contemplating one’s self-image in heaven’s mirror. Fake christians went to the movies on Sundays, worshiped flags, and condemned our founding principles of liberty etc.

Separation of church and state meant one religion’s moral standard was not required to pay  for the civil cost of another religion’s vices. Belief and faith in God does not need a revival. It only needs to be discovered and I challenge every person who calls themselves a friend and follower of the Nazarene to pick up where he left off in Srinigar, Kashmir. Real Christians may save India from itself without polarizing them against Islam, Hinduism or Christ the Consciousness. Real communication with heaven is a gift Yogis know well without the haughty vanity of personalism. Real Christians do not have to prove to anyone in India God’s word was made flesh.

The Corbett Report

Mr. Corbett may be found at the up-coming Bozeman Montana
Red Pill Expo seminar on Skype. He welcomes anything you can ask
and will track it for later if he cannot provide an adequate response.

The following original thinkers speak from experience and do not waste
their time listening to parrots;
nor do they cater to an audience of bureaucrats, advertisers, or grants. 

Bonnie Faulkner -- Guns and Butter
In Search of Russia - The Saker, #367
Trump And Putin - Setting The Record Straight - The Saker, #366

Artists Robbie and Abby Martin
MEDIA ROOTS – Reporting From Outside Party Lines
Media Roots Radio - The Boys Who Cried Wolf
Ms.Abby Martin -- Breaking the Set
View the RT series to see how effective she was
on Main Stream Media's Clone Theory of competition today.
Ms. Martin put her signature to work with
Empire Files.

Empire Files: - Buying a Slave –
The Hidden World of US/Philippines Trafficking
CBS 60 Minutes did a piece on Saipan's brothel owners once
and discovered they were US Republicans. The sexworkers
were underage Filipino teens.

Republicans are said to be pedophile heavy; Democrats pedophile lite.
Filipinos are looked down on by Asians in Taiwan. A professor told me once it was an ethnic bias; not a racial one. I disagree. The days of 'high-hopes' and vaporized dreams are said to be fewer and less sad today since the Vietnam War. Imagine how you would feel if you defeated the Spanish empire only to have a new empire take its place a month later (1892?).

I do not think this would have happened if we had stuck with our Articles of Confederation similar to what the Swiss have. The South wanted to dominate scrabble farming abolitionists in the North. We did not need a standing army to win the Revolution contrary to Hedges.

The short positive experience I had in the Philippines was not the same as my earlier family knew as missionaries. I am glad to have saved my girl-friend's life. VP Al Gore knows how loving Filipinos are and have been.

Sri Lanka's, Southern India's and Cambodia's pre-teens are also in the slave market. New York and North Hollywood buy children from Haiti. My Filipino friend is safe and living in the SW United States. Her Filipino gangster husband kidnapped her and shortly after, killed her oldest brother. He mutilated her face to make sure no-one wanted her. She ran away at 17 years. Her religion failed to help and in fact married her at age 14 years. I sold my Maserati to help her younger brother, but  he was machine gunned with others by prison guards (Curfew laws-Marcos) by the time my ship arrived. I gave her the money as a wedding present for her to share with her family and use for herself with her new husband. My dream of becoming a farmer in Luzon ended.
 Empire Files - Youtube

Greg Hunter with Catherine Austin Fitts
Catherine Austin Fitts-They're Trying to Centralize Control
The Solari Report

Greg Hunter with Warren Pollock
Mr. Pollock is a self-made Wall Street analyst. He keeps a low profile.
Warren Pollock-US Twilight Zone of Pre-Collapse Just like Rome
In this powerpoint presentation there may be a clue to how Mr. Pollock sees your future in what he labels "dark pool high frequency trading."
His advice on how to adapt to dictators may be very useful.
Embracing Dictatorship

Ms. Edmonds' team is beginning to have some clout.
Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic presents
a piece on Russia and N. Korea. Few Americans have a clue about the superiority of the North Korea's allies. I remember reading as a fifth grader a book in the adult section of our Carnegie Library on POWs.

If the U.S. Attacks, Russia Will Support North Korea

The anti-intellectuals took their licks and were left alone to eat like normal people. They would have had a positive effect on the POWs who bargained for more food by squealing but never got it. I can see why Sen. McCain was a disappointment to his fellow POWs in North Vietnam. True Magazine for men was a good read too. Someone wrote an impressive Hell's Angels article in it. No-one in grade school to share it with.

Facebook Developing Ability to Read Your Thoughts...
& The Dark Secret of Machine Learning

Library officials in the library I am in now have told employees not to talk to me. I am taciturn anyway so it's pretty much a joke. Undercover students have interviewed me on two occasions. I started a public disclosure request downtown with the police department on Friday. The other library has an employee who calls a policeman in every time I visit. The government sanctions bullying in our public servants. No complaints here. It always boomerangs on them. The downtown library had pipe burst in its wall a few years ago. Spirit like water seeks its own level. The karma cost them a lot of money. The pipe break was inside a concrete wall. No damage to archives. Spiritual power rules the court. Spiritual freedom rules SOUL or Consciousness.

Right to Tell Govt to Go to Hell: Free Speech, Govt Bullies,
Corp Censors & Compliant Citizens

One way to build Spiritual power is to make a donation to the state or national police officer memorial fund to help their families. This gives you the privilege of being protected if the decal is in your window at home and in your car. If you are abused by an officer, there will be a karmic effect; your only part in the karma being your donation. The lawyer who sued me a few years ago died last week. Young. He took advantage of my brothers who did not win. Make God your keeper; not Medusa's head full of public gossip and you stay strong.

Soon I will be visiting local churches and watering holes with my 3'x4' picket sign.
The Legacy of Fifteenth Century Religious Prejudice
The Doctrine of Discovery
Sometimes drunkards can get close to God, but not without a cost. A few of the best brew-masters have found their salvation in the Salvation Army.

Sarah Westall with Clif High and a Nobel Prize Nominee
"In The Silent Revolution (1977) Ronald F. Inglehart discovered a major inter-generational shift in the values of the populations of advanced industrial societies. Knowing your values and the meaning of liberty may or may-not agree with the dominating moral influence in your life by your local library board."

The Animal Communicator - Anna Breytenbach (Full documentary)

Use your 'inner-telephone' and keep an eye out for
life from above the space-time-track. Retz, Venus is a
beautiful place to visit if you like clean cultured cities unafraid
of original architecture and high winds. Russian urban planners
have  a similar eye for landscape integration with large populations.

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