241 NWO

Two-Hundred forty one years ago a new world order was established by the American document
Declaration of Independence.

We, the US of A are not an old world order nation. We are a spontaneous republic of unified sovereign states which have by now run the course of federalization.

Homer’s Iliad & Odyssey titled the Greek identity.

Virgil’s Aeneid titled the Roman’s.

The King James Bible, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, and Bunyan’s allegory Pilgrim’s Progress titled our 1776 New World Order.

“The system of government laid down by the Constitution is perhaps as good as can be expected from man. It must be guarded against ambitious men, against the enemies of republican government, and against the tyranny of opinion. So long as Americans can hold fast to the memory of the patriots and the principles of the Revolution, their republic, and with it their liberty, is safe.”  -- Herbert J. Storing, The Complete Anti-Federalist, vol. 6, Part Two, Conclusion.

Contrary to old world order dogma, very human has the right to be his or her own sovereign agent of conscience.
Our principles: 1) We own the freedom to live. 2) We own the freedom to be free. 3) We own the freedom to co-exist in happy harmony. It is our destiny to manifest these principles without the ambition of selfish gain or imposition of tyranny.

Take it or leave it.

The war rages still between power and conscience.

Part One:

[Former priest, Rev. Charles Chiniquy took down President Lincoln’s last words, both men knowing of his assassination to come the following day. They prayed late into the evening for the future of President Lincoln’s son Robert and the future of our Union. President Lincoln’s last words and the quote below of him may be found in Rev. Chiniquy’s My Fifty Years in the Church of Rome. It may be noted our Constitution was written by monarchists for Jesuit educated aristocrats and themselves. Our founders demanded the Bill of Rights. The words ‘Romanism,’ Roman Curia, and ‘Popery’ reference the Vatican hierarchy; not the universal or Catholic body of the church.]

[Reverend Chiniquy]
“More than once I felt as if I were in the presence of an old prophet, when listening to his views about the future destinies of the United States. In one of my last interviews with him, I was filled with an admiration which it would be difficult to express, when I heard the following views and predictions."

[President Lincoln]
"It is with the Southern leaders of this civil war as with the big and small wheels of our railroad cars. Those who ignore the laws of mechanics are apt to think that the large, strong, and noisy wheels they see are the motive power, but they are mistaken. The real motive power is not seen; it is noiseless and well concealed in the dark, behind its iron walls. The motive-power are the few well-concealed pails of water heated into steam, which is itself directed by the noiseless, small but unerring engineer's finger.

"The common people see and hear the big, noisy wheels of the Southern Confederacy's cars; they call they [their] Jeff Davis, Lee, Toombs, Beauregard, Semmes, ect., and they honestly think that they are the motive power, the first cause of our troubles. But this is a mistake. The true motive power is secreted behind the thick walls of the Vatican, the colleges and schools of the Jesuits, the convents of the nuns, and the confessional boxes of Rome.

"There is a fact which is too much ignored by the American people, and with which I am acquainted only since I became President; it is that the best, the leading families of the South have received their education in great part, if not in whole, from the Jesuits and the nuns.  Hence those degrading principles of slavery, pride, cruelty, which are as a second nature among so many of those people. Hence that strange want of fair play, humanity; that implacable hatred against the ideas of equality and liberty as we find them in the Gospel of Christ.

“You do not ignore that the first settlers of Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, South California and Missouri were Roman Catholics, and that their first teachers were Jesuits. It is true that those states have been conquered or bought by us since. But Rome had put the deadly virus of her antisocial and anti-Christian maxims into the veins of the people before they became American citizens. Unfortunately, the Jesuits and the nuns have in great part remained the teachers of those people since. They have continued in a silent, but most efficacious way, to spread their hatred against our institutions, our laws, our schools, our rights and our liberties in such a way that this terrible conflict became unavoidable between the North and the South. As I told you before, it is to Popery that we owe this terrible civil war.

"I would have laughed at the man who would have told me that before I became the President. But Professor Morse has opened my eyes on that subject. And now I see that mystery; I understand that engineering of hell which, though not seen or even suspected by the country, is putting in motion the large, heavy, and noisy wheels of the state cars of the Southern Confederacy. Our people is not yet ready to learn and believe those things, and perhaps it is not the proper time to initiate them to those dark mysteries of hell; it would throw oil on a fire which is already sufficiently destructive.

"You are almost the only one with whom I speak freely on that subject. But sooner or later the nation will know the real origin of those rivers of blood and tears, which are spreading desolation and death everywhere. And then those who have caused those desolations and disasters will be called to give an account of them.

"I do not pretend to be a prophet. But though not a prophet, I see a very dark cloud on our horizon. And that dark cloud is coming from Rome. It is filled with tears of blood. It will rise and increase till its flanks will be torn by a flash of lightning, followed by a fearful peal of thunder. Then a cyclone, such as the world has never seen, will pass over this country, spreading ruin and desolation from north to south. After it is over, there will be long days of peace and prosperity: for Popery, with its Jesuits and merciless Inquisition, will have been for ever swept away from our country. Neither I nor you, but our children, will see those things.” 

[Reverend Chiniquy]
“Many of those who approached Abraham Lincoln felt that there was a prophetic spirit in him, and that he was continually walking and acting with the thought of God in his mind, and only in view to do His will and work for His glory.” 

[Samuel Morse’s Conspiracies against the Liberties of the United States was published in 1834 after he verified with our Revolution’s hero General Lafayette in Paris what he heard while in Rome on business listening to popery’s braggadocio. Demonizing him for his pro-slavery opinions confirms his honesty. Monarchist General Lafayette advocated that slaves be freed and treated as indentured servants for as long as they wished. Credit card debt, student loans, house payments, car loan, and health care costs are today’s version of slavery masked as the freedom  to be an aristocrat.]

С благодарностью 😉

Part Two:

[Rev. Chiniquy’s view on the differences between Power and Conscience.]

Chapter 59: Fifty Years in the Church of Rome –Rev. Charles Chiniquy

[Paragraph 7 Last Sentence—Bill Clinton’s route to the White House for example]
“No one, if he be not a Roman Catholic, or one of those so-called Protestants who give their daughters to the nuns, and their sons to the Jesuits to be educated, has much hopes, where the Jesuits rule, of having a lucrative office in the United States today.

[Paragraph 9]
“It is to San Francisco that you must go to have an idea of the number of secret and powerful organizations with which the Church of Rome prepares herself for the impending conflict, through which she hopes to destroy the schools, and every vestige of human rights and liberties in the United States.

[Paragraph 10]
“In order to more easily drill the Roman Catholics and prepare them for the irrepressible struggle, the Jesuits have organized them into a great number of secret societies, the principal of which are: Ancient Order of Hibernians, Irish American Society, Knights of St. Patrick, St. Patrick's Cadets, St. Patrick Mutual Alliance, Apostles of Liberty, Benevolent Sons of the Emerald Isle, Knights of St. Peter, Knights of the Red Branch, Knights of the Columskill, The Secret Heart, ect., ect.

[Paragraph 11]
“Almost all these secret associations are military ones. They have their headquarters at San Francisco, put [but] their rank and file are scattered all over the United States. They number several hundred thousand.

[Paragraph 13—About the world’s oldest bureaucracy that offers only baptism and funeral rites to simony its inheritance on your deathbed.]
“Rome is in constant conspiracy against the rights and liberties of man all over the world; but she is particularly so in the United States.

[Paragraph 14]
“Long before I was ordained a priest, I knew that my church was the most implacable enemy of this Republic.  My professors of philosophy, history, and theology had been unanimous in telling me that the principles and laws of the Church of Rome were absolutely antagonistic to the laws and principles which are the foundation stones of the Constitution of the United States.

[Paragraphs 15-21]
“1st.  The most sacred principle of the United States Constitution is the equality of every citizen before the law.  But the fundamental principle of the Church of Rome is the denial of that equality.

“2nd. Liberty of conscience is proclaimed by the United States, a most sacred principle which every citizen must uphold, even at the price of his blood.  But liberty of conscience is declared by all the Popes and Councils of Rome, a most godless, unholy, and diabolical thing, which every good Catholic must abhor and destroy at any cost.

“3rd.  The American Constitution assures the absolute independence of the civil from the ecclesiastical or church power; but the Church of Rome declares, through all her Pontiffs and Councils, that such independence is an impiety and a revolt against God.

“4th. The American Constitution leaves every man free to serve God according to the dictates of his conscience; but the Church of Rome declares that no man has ever had such a right, and that the Pope alone can know and say what man must believe and do.

“5th. The Constitution of the United States denies the right in any body to punish any other for differing from him in religion.  But the Church of Rome says that she has a right to punish with the confiscation of their goods, or the penalty of death, those who differ in faith from the Pope.

“6th. The United States have established schools all over their immense territories, where they invite the people to send their children, that they may cultivate their intelligence and become good and useful citizens.  But the Church of Rome has publicly cursed all those schools, and forbidden their children to attend them, under pain of excommunication in this world and damnation in the next.

“7th. The Constitution of the United States is based on the principle that the people are the primary source of all civil power.  But hundreds of times, the Church of Rome has proclaimed that this principle is impious and heretical.  She says that "all government must rest upon the foundation of the Catholic faith; with the Pope alone as the legitimate and infallible source and interpreter of the law."

[Cardinals may be bought for less than a $1 million a piece.  So too Congress.  Reliable sources say the tab for all Senators and Representatives would be $350 million per year.  Cheap compared to President Trump’s asking price, $20 billion.  Whose pockets are lined with that stolen Russian gold bullion when Communism ran out of vodka thanks to cheap Saudi oil and Reagan’s fake Star Wars?  Senator McConnell's?  Altar boy McCain’s?  Erdogan’s private bank on Cyprus?]

Part Three:

“It is clear that Rome is rapidly getting control of all the sources of power in the United States, both in civil and military affairs; and that she is doing so in pursuance of a well considered and wisely laid plan, and for the very purpose of subverting our government.

“Let us go back a little and review the means suggested and considered for bringing the United States under the control of the Papacy.  Father Chiniquy, in his book, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome [Chapters 47, 48, 59], gives an extended and minute account of the plans that were discussed by bishops and priests for the attainment of political control of the United States, and for the overthrow of our government. 

“About fifty years ago a council of bishops and priests was assembled at Buffalo, N. Y., for the purpose of determining this question.

“The Bishop of Chicago thought to accomplish the desired end by colonizing emigrants from Canada, France, and Belgium in such numbers in the valley of the Mississippi, as would give to the Roman Catholic Church political control of the States of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Iowa.  It was thought that with the fast hold the church had gained in the Southern States, as also in Michigan and Wisconsin, that it would thus be able to hold a cordon of States extending from Florida along the Gulf of Mexico, and up the Mississippi, to our Northern limits; and thus, in time, give it complete political control of the United States.

“Father Chiniquy had been engaged in this scheme by the Bishop of Chicago and had entered upon the work as an emigration agent, with enthusiasm, and was meeting with encouraging success.  This plan of operations was being advocated earnestly by De Prey Magee [aka D’ Arcy McGee], the editor, at that time, of the Freeman's Journal.  [New York Freeman, official journal of Bishop Hughes, Jan. 26, 1852]

“Promising as it appeared to its advocates, it was repudiated by a large majority of the members of the Buffalo Conference.  They argued that by this plan their forces would be scattered, and the power of the church dissipated, and that the true policy of the church for getting political control of the country, was to concentrate its forces in the cities and larger towns, and fill these up, as rapidly as possible, with their foreign emigrants.  It was argued that in this way the Roman Catholic vote could be so wielded, under the direction of the bishops and priests, as to be made a balance of power vote, between the two political parties, and so, necessary to the success of either; and being so, it would make its own terms with the political party leaders, and thus get the control of municipal offices in a very short time; and that it would, in a few years, become a majority vote, when it would have complete control in municipal governments; and ultimately in State politics.

[Fr. Tissa Balasuriya (see Power vs Conscience by Basil Fernando) estimated 55 million Souls emigrated into the US between 1846 and 1925 Charity in Truth]

“The wisdom of this plan is seen in its results.  A half century has elapsed since its adoption.  The work of bringing Roman Catholic emigrants into our country and colonizing them in our cities, has been sedulously pursued form that day to this; and the results predicted by the most sanguine of its advocates have been realized.”

[It was known also that for every 11 government employees in the 1880s, seven were Catholic which have today “Borg-ed” into 11:11.  The ore fields were targeted and secret societies created to pool information on how to get more gold and silver for the church from Catholic Irishmen and non-Catholic dupes.  The core route through Oklahoma from the Atlantic to California for the military industrial complex (San Diego-Huntsville, AL-and Virginia) is the same core for child sex slavery routes from the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans that Asian, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim crime syndicates rely on Texas for to complete.  The federal report I read on this may have been dated for 2012 or earlier.  Having been compared by priests to Stalin’s prosecutor Andrei Vyshinski—Vatican II’s ex-prosecutor Cardinal Joey Ratzinger—now ex-pope Benedict who says kiddie-rape for child-porn is normal—should know more.]

Asian Human Rights Commission

[Curious how so many feminists and the liar press do not know who our founders were. Mercy Warren was a recorder, thinker, and commentator.]

History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution
by Mercy Otis Warren
(aka A Columbian Patriot--political correct spelling was no big thing)

[Chapter 30: -- A survey of the situation of America on the conclusion of the war with Britain. Observations on the Declaration of Independence. Withdraw of the British troops from New York. A few observations on the detention of the western posts. The American army disbanded, after the commander in chief had addressed the public and taken leave of his fellow soldiers. General Washington resigns his commission to Congress.]

[Chapter 31: --Supplementary observations on succeeding events, after the termination of the American Revolution. Insurrection in the Massachusetts. A general convention of the states. A new Constitution adopted. General Washington chosen President. British treaty negotiated by Mr. Jay. General Washington's second retreat from public life. General observations.]

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Another fake number wanting to sell me bombs, jets, etc.

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