American Gulag

Socialism is for those who have no conscience.
The exploited are tagged "socialist" when they ask for compensation and have to negotiate a compromise which does not fully compensate for the injustice done to them. Socialism is a kind of FAKE justice imposed by predators upon those they exploit.

Vietnam Era Music Medley 18 Songs & Pics From The Vietnam Era

The Dulles brothers-CIA-Vatican alliance inside
the US government and popular indifference
supported postwar tyrants. This is when our US
Federation became counter-revolutionary and anti-American.

Guns and Butter
F. William Engdahl, #357

Our Founders' Bill of Rights and public discussion
produced our Constitution to make it the law of the land.
It has been muddied.

by the Rev. J. A. Wylie, LL.D.,
author of “The Papacy,” “Daybreak in Spain,” &c

The point of separation between non-conformist protester Christians and Roman Catholics may be found by comparing Matthew Chapters 16 & 18, John Chapter 20, and Luke 24. The witness and insights of heaven are given to all of 'God's Co-workers' or 'Nazarenes' as Christians were called in the time of Jesus and Paul.

No-one human may claim they alone have the keys to heaven if you view the Papal flag and the Vatican's symbols of sovereignty. The keys belong to every person who has repented their karma and accepted their sovereign role of consciousness granted in Baptism by God with the waters of Spirit and later, the fires of Heaven.
with Bonnie Faulkner

"Socialists" pass the 'responsibility' buck for their criminal actions and power plays
onto Citizens by passing laws to make us compensate.

Guns and Butter
Douglas Valentine , #358

It is destruction of government property
to kill a slave.
Stop doing it.

Audiobook, Classic Literature

Ralph Waldo Emerson
with Napoleon Hill

No country may call itself 'FREE' if we are expected to die for it.

Since privately schooled monarchist aristocrats [see 241 NWO President Lincoln's statement paragraph 3] know this and advise their families to avoid serving in uniform (prison without bars) it would be decent if the draft were invoked to force all citizens to put themselves in harm's way for those who stand to privately gain from undeclared war.

Avoiding the draft and going to prison is safer than dying for a false flag representing principles militarists have no clue about. The sentences are shorter than enlistment. You get room and board and patriotically earn twenty-two cents a day.

Rattling the Bars:
How the 13th Amendment Perpetuates Prison Slavery

Russia's American accusers stopped reading when they reached the metaphor of Russia used by Samuel Morse in his book of letters below to explain who our real enemies are and have been before President Lincoln's assassination,
Dr. President.

Your Lone Ranger role has been one of substitution in five dimensions. You are not the 'bogeyman' in the fourth dimension. And you do not need to be someone else as also defined in the photo for the fifth dimension to be comprehended by scapegoat-dependent, history-ignorant eurocentric Americans.

Добросовестность и честность ...
Твердые уроки, чтобы помнить. 

Originally published for Professor Samuel Morse in
The New-York Observer 1835

These books should tweak some truth
out of the Big Lie we are expected to die for.

MM47 - If I was Head of the Fed #1 by Bill Still

As of yet no person to my knowledge has done a comparison between our first two US Central Banks, Andrew Jackson's "pet banks"
and today's "Federal" Reserve Bank.

Our first two central banks before Jackson did not need to mutilate the Constitution and pass a special amendment to justify their existence. Jackson's pet banks forced free African farmers and Indian Americans from their properties to sell to emigrant Caucasians who could vote, most likely in favor of  the Vatican's wishes to curtail abolitionists and our liberties as described by Professor Samuel Morse which led to the Civil War.

Guns and Butter
The Gods of Money: How America Was Hijacked
F. William Engdahl, #363

How To Replace The Federal Reserve

Audio Book
Foreign Conspiracy Against The United States

Now that the US is a Satrap of the Vatican State recognized as such by the United Nations,
Don't waste any time.
Revolution takes about 7 seconds to speak and comprehend.

Michael Hudson- Killing the Host

We'll be fighting in our underwear or naked just like the Scots.

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