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The photos on this page are legally plagiarized in keeping with the United States codes for the fair usage of copyrights. This page may be contemplated as a metaphor for explaining the four basic types of karma: Adi-Sinchit-Kriyaman-Pralabdha; triangulated within three precepts--Satoguna, Rajoguna, Tamoguna. [George A. Boyd © 1994, Light on Meditation]

 For starters, warriors and monks work from the same plane of effect--cause and effect. Documents such as the Magna Carta and literature such as the King James Bible have been used to set the standards for jurisprudence in our civil regard for one another. Warriors enforce the standards and Monks compile our understanding of them. Often, whether in the far east or in our own paradigms, a monk may be an old warrior not quite faded away, hence their support of each other regardless role.

The contract I signed in good faith to defend the freedoms we have that the Vietnamese wanted took its first sour turn in bootcamp when I witnessed a fellow recruit being humiliated by our company commander to justify the decision the recruit could not fit in with the close quarter lifestyle between men under military discipline and condition.

The final sour turn was the San Francisco news report of the Presidio 27's court martial for unlawful concert after a service prisoner, Richard Bunch, was shotgunned in the back 11 October 1968 for walking away from an abusive guard. I recently learned their story was preserved by Fred Gardner in his work, The Unlawful Concert: an Account of the Presidio Mutiny Case.

Working Party View


Sabre Rattling w/ Nukes by Nukes

Olongapo Delight 

450 Tons Aluminum, 10,000 Tons Steel, 15 Mega-Watts out & 80,000 HP

My home from 1970 through 1975.

Dead in the Water (DIW) & Scrapped in 1994 shortly after an extensive overhaul.

 Liberty and freedom of religion were guaranteed by our US Constitution until ana-Baptists began having their property taken and pressure put on them to move to South America. Public awareness through freedom of the press made it a dishonor in my opinion to serve corporate racketeers. Federation nationalism evolved, in large part, from Ellis Island's immigrants' hungry needs and their post WW I media stereotypes. In my opinion, anti-Catholicism is another Jesuit conspiracy, so the phrase, Universal Humanism, may be substituted for catholicism to describe the failure of making the majority take on the ill karma perpetrated by the few. [See: A Condemnation of Modernist, Liberal Errors. Encyclical Letter of Pope Pius IX. December 8, 1864.]

These photos are to remind me my American dream has everything to do with the will to give the word "freedom"  a meaning and apply it without it being affected by, as Fred Nietzsche and President Eisenhower warned, a fifth column of those with a "Will to Power" such as aristocrats and their wannabees.

I was discharged a Seaman Apprentice (honorably) as I had wished to do since basic electronics school in San Francisco where my effort to passively resist the "Big Lie" had its beginning. [See in my links Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler's War is a Racket for clarification. Review also Patrick N. Allitt's Catholic Converts: British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome for recent influences and to be objective, George Seldes' investigative journalism provides Facts and Fascism, The Catholic Crisis, & The Vatican: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.]

[Note: My knowledge thanks to Avro Manhattan and other Catholics has expanded greatly. Links to their revelations abound throughout this blog. Romanism, a Menace to the Nation would be a good start if you see it over on the Justice page.]

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