1950 Birth Delivery Cost

Church 1952 - Nazarenes
Jesus' early followers were also called 
"Co-Workers with God"
Think about it.

1952 Maverick [Hat Size 7 3/8]

1954 Treats

1961 The Innocent
Sometimes a Dad will let Innocent Big Brother punch Vulnerable Little Brother
in the mouth when Vulnerable L.B. pits Innocent Big Brother against Authorities a few times too many. Eric Arthur Blair was a middle brother to two sisters which may explain why his readers give Big Brother so much blame.
1968 Watch Guard Bootcamp

1969 Treasure Island SF

1972 USS Long Beach CGN-9

1978 Portland Rose Garden ECK Picnic

1984 Portland 110 NW King Street

1990 Burien Washington



2010 Bachelor of Arts

[Note: I do not have access to firearms or martial arts weapons. Do not need them. Investigators have already questioned me about these photos after being notified by paid informants natural-born-tattle tales. The owner staged the scene to make me eat my own words when he associated the scrutiny he was getting from housing authorities after I warned them he was a short-tempered hothead. Spiritual power can be developed if the law of reversed effort or psychological reversal as it is also known (Murphy's Law) does not interfere. Sufis have discussed Spiritual Power, Theosophists also. Edgar Cayce worked up a guide to use with your reading of Revelations to develop Spiritual power. The Jesuits have a series of Spiritual Exercises to accomplish their arts-good and bad. Buddhists have developed a Spiritual psychology which works pretty good starting 500 years before Christ which western Christianity's prophetic Healer of Lepers also knew. Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Technique is a good start.]

Neither war, nor peace, but harmony.
Can you handle a weapon without a thought of violence?
Don't put the keys in the ignition to go get drunk. 
Leave the bullets on the table.

Clever Ravens and Smart Coyotes can count as good as 5 year old children. I still go by the Big Hand (not Shakespeare's if you have read his lexicon).

Why Me?

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