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Coyote Eyes has a different version for every tribe. Terry Tafoya is a story teller. He first appeared to me when waking from a dream the morning after his lecture at the local University. He was on a step ladder suggesting I follow him and take a step up and out of the education's material concepts which puts limits on all of reality.

The remainder of the story illustrates the differences
between Anglo-Euro-Think & Ind'n-Know

These are family paradigms used in Terry Tafoya's well described analysis.

Our original Continental Congress was patterned on the Pau-Wau from which our three branches of government evolved. A Pau-Wau or Pow-Wow was a time for all the tribes (30 or more) on the east coast of Turtle Island to gather and settle differences and discuss solutions. Just as judges evolved from the wisest person in the English village to settle disputes, so too did the Pau-Wau.

Before America we were called the United States. Before the United States, we were called the 'colonies.' Before this first settlers named the continent 'New Canaan.' And of course it still called Turtle Island by our first peoples who were carried ashore on the backs of turtles; turtles just like you see being rescued on YouTube with plastic straws jammed in their noses and plastic sacks caught around their necks. Our first people did not spoil their habitat like the fools we have leading us do now.

The following movie was made for those who cannot laugh. Those who have no sense of humor may enjoy it also. The Trickster takes many forms.

Philbert Buys a Pony_full scene from POW WOW Highway.

It's a keeper.

The full movie may be found on YouTube.
Our Union of States established a new world order which influenced European existentialist thought in the 1800s and opened the doors to central Europe's opportunists who reached their zenith in the late 1950s and early 1960s when Hollywood's stifling censors started to be challenged.

Caucasians are now a minority which will continue to be reflected in our social structure's changes along with our codes of conduct. Quantum Computing has already arrived to nail the coffin lid on anglo-euro-think.

Anglo-Eurocentric education the brutish way by nuns & priests Calvinist, Mormon & Catholic. Rape, torture & starvation failed.
Empire Files with Abby Martin
Legendary Native Leader: From Genocide to Standing Rock
A historic gathering is taking place against the Dakota Access pipeline at Standing Rock. Thousands of people, and around 300 Native nations, have gathered to stop Big Oil’s pipeline, which threatens sacred Native grounds and the environment. 

Tricksters take many forms.

Here is one.

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