Hasbrouck Apartments

 16th & Walnut

Camp Nimitz & Preble Field San Diego 

Boot Camp Wash Tables 

 Treasure Island, San Francisco

Wat Sing, Bangkok 

 No. 4 Road, Moses Lake, Washington

110 NW King, Portland, Oregon 

Somewhere in the Urban Landscape, Seattle 

Objectivist Remedy for alcoholism and who knows what else?


Pick your own version of hell and getting relief from it. CES or Cranial Electric Stimulation has been used successfully to put heroin and other drugs behind without withdrawal's side effects.

Please use these links as resources for understanding if you stop to consider marijuana is the #4 crop in the US bringing in $36 Billion yearly. This does not include the money made by administrators of "justice" which means the financial incentive to keep drugs illegally on the market is beneficial for power junkies.

Prohibition did not prevent our aristocratic hoi polloi in high places from obtaining alcohol, so scapegoating the little guy will not stop the same aristocracy from using drugs unless we begin drug testing our Supreme Court Justices (to indirectly remind the six Catholics they are not Papal parrots and what they say is human opinion) with regular testing of the politicians who beg for campaign alms on K Street in Washington DC from New York City's lobbyists.

In my opinion, the need to escape oppressive elements of our political-economic Big-Lie has destroyed our principles of good-faith and our nation has been slowly shutting down because of it. Nations such as the Netherlands have less of a drug problem because reefer usage is legal; a fact the United Nations cannot explain. As a junior-high school-superintendent said once, "'Tis folly to be wise where ignorance is bliss."

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