For Clean Minds

'Clean' comes in all kinds of metaphor.

The image above synchronizes the mind
with clean thoughts in preparation for reading
William Gass' poetic description by example
of syntax and grammar as 'Style.'

[page-2] “Suppose, for instance, a stranger were to—oh, say you’re laughing uproariously, and that’s the occasion for it—spit in your mouth, god forbid....”
[page-6] “It’s called the wine of love because, when drunk, it signifies acceptance. That’s my theory. There’s no woman who’s not deep inside her, theoretical. That’s why we love, in men, not them, but place and reputation—money, honor, age, effects, and aura—radiation; not them, but their love, we love—our idea and transubstantiating notion of them. Most people are distressed, honestly enough, by their own dirt. Imagine the shit of a lifetime packed in tubs. It would be small comfort knowing it was yours. Still, the dirt of others is even more distressing. Pick another’s nose for instance. Proof enough? Well that’s my theory. Well we get used to it—our own—we get used to it. Soldiers get used to it. They get used to death, distress, and the dirt of others. Mothers of course get used to it. We whores get used to it. But all of us are harlots to ourselves, and soldiers: we get used to it—our dead breath and dying eyesight, bare basins and odd bodies—used to living in a trench.”
Willie Master's Lonesome Wife

How did eurocentric cannibalism connect
with libido to establish the world's oldest bureaucratic religion?
Keep food on the table?

Roger Williams of Rhode Island "On the danger of church and state becoming one, tolerance and the causes for persecution."

Bibliography for Research
Roger Williams in boat -- First Peoples-Narragansett on shore.

Crucial Concepts which evolved from this meeting:
The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience Discussed...

"The civil sword may make a nation of hypocrites and anti-Christians, but not one Christian...Evil is always evil yet permission of it may in case be good.

Forcing of Conscience is a soul-rape. Persecution for Conscience hath been the lancet that letteth the blood of kings and kingdoms.

Man hath no power to make laws that bind Conscience. The civil commonwealth [the State] and the spiritual commonwealth, the Church, not inconsistent though independent, the one of the other.

Persons with less sin may be forced to marry whom they cannot love, than to worship where they cannot believe. The civil magistrate owes two things to false worshipers--1) permission, 2) protection."

Roger Williams' principle of government may be discovered written in the
Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663 2nd Paragraph...

Roger Williams' principles have been under steady attack
in the USofA since 1815 by popery.

We see in today's despotism exactly what Roger Williams described.

Theodor de Bry and others engraved pictures upon close description of what Druids left behind when they crossed the Iranian plateau into India before Krishna.

Nothing like a meal of human flesh (boiled to drink the broth made it easy to avoid eye contact with your meal) after mass on a Sunday afternoon.
Spanish criminals being eaten even after a new world seed bank
was discovered in Peru (potatoes etc.) by Hispanics.

Thirty-year War Prussians did not want crusading Frenchmen to outdo them.
Some say these are Irish. If so they are a far cry from the meaning of Eireland's connection with Iran and India's second group of settlers. The Druids who gave us the World History Wheel (zodiac) left human sacrifice and cannibalism behind four-thousand years ago (Aryan=Iran=Ireland).

It is time to step away from the dogs who have been making our liberties a crime. Those who preach "The Bogeyman" ARE the bogeymen. Start with Shay's rebellion in our own history. It was put down without a Constitution. Our Articles of Confederation handled Bogeyman Shays pretty well. Maybe Latin America could give us a model and establish a second United States, but a confederacy instead like our original one of 13 sovereign states.

Communism started here in the USofA. Non-Catholic Christians evolved communism which evolved into towns and cities; Christians said grace standing.
Nordhoff, Charles. The communistic societies of the United States: from personal visit and observation including detailed accounts of the Economists, Zoarites, Shakers, the Amana, Oneida, Bethel, Aurora, Icarian, and other existing societies, their religious creeds, social practices, numbers, industries, and present condition. New York, NY.: Schocken Books, 1875.

2nd Copy

The Great Game
Let's call them citizen owned towns and employee owned businesses governed by Citizen sovereigns state by sovereign state.

Take off your shoes and take a
Walk Of No Shame with Amber Rose

Old World Order religion and social customs are inferior. They cannot make false claims of being superior to anyone no-matter how much they try to cover it up.
"The Film Fan" sounds almost like 'flim flam' on purpose?
Here's its target in the same cartoon.
Royal Rife
Private research targets children at the age of 4 MONTHS today.
Mind Programming: Whose Thoughts are You Thinking?

More on bioelectronics

The above work on libido by Reich would improve genuine health care not
intended for control of beliefs with their associated lies.
The prudish who falsely believe these are "dirty" or even "inappropriate" comments fail to see they stand in their own blind spots of reason created by their desire to dominate the liberties of others. Wikipedia's history of Jesuit historical influence on what we expect from each other within literature and motion pictures has been casually re-edited since first pointing-out their hypocrisy as censors if you view Houseboat's subtle promotion of pedophilia. There is nothing cute about child rape to make the porn which ex-Pope Ratzinger/Benedict claims to be 'normal.'

The comments above are justified by their presence in the thoughts and speech of middle-schoolers. The comments are also justified by their potential for keeping the human body healthy during post-early-adulthood and later after retirement. It is the false implication the media uses for cheap humor that confounds our natural need to empty the glands regularly for optimal health. Leave Freud's eurocentric barbarism behind and investigate what the Chinese and Hindus have learned about regular coitus.

No Sex Marriage – Masturbation, Loneliness, Cheating and Shame - 
Maureen McGrath - TEDxStanleyPark

The suggestions above on how to resolve the fallacies of aborting children yet to see, eat and breathe would have benefited post-war baby boomers like Wally, Beaver and Ward Cleaver. Women (and men) would be less likely to wear diapers due to anal copulation in their fifties and later, today. Bathroom appliance stores can drive hypocrisy's point of clean bodies-dirty minds home if they displayed their bath-tubs full of dirty adult diapers.

Wash your brain and take
The Walk of No Shame.

Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul

Dirk Willems

AnaBaptists who walked the Jesus talk.

Edited from Chapter 59: Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
 –Rev. Charles Chiniquy
2nd copy
“1st.  The most sacred principle of the United States Constitution is the equality of every citizen before the law.

2nd. Liberty of conscience is proclaimed by the United States, a most sacred principle which every citizen must uphold, even at the price of his blood.

3rd.  The American Constitution assures the absolute independence of the civil from the ecclesiastical or church power.

4th. The American Constitution leaves every man free to serve God according to the dictates of his conscience; but the Church of Rome declares that no man has ever had such a right, and that the Pope alone can know and say what man must believe and do.

5th. The Constitution of the United States denies the right in any body to punish any other for differing from him in religion.

6th. The United States have established schools all over their immense territories, where they invite the people to send their children, that they may cultivate their intelligence and become good and useful citizens.  

7th. The Constitution of the United States is based on the principle that the people are the primary source of all civil power.”

Your religion makes you a domestic enemy if it's morality opposes these seven principles. More here.... and here.... and here.....

"Говорите,я молчу". А Дольский

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