The NETUREI KARTA around the world are a living testament of what they preach and practice. This corresponds with the concept of being chosen by God as IT's Face would appear and disappear on King David's shield. Israel's flag symbolizes the Face of God. The symbol cannot speak except in the simplest sense of a wind or breeze. Viewing God's face is not limited to practitioners of Judaism. God's face vibrates rapidly much like the narrow leaf of a rare bamboo. IT is blue. IT is not intertwined. IT moves slowly as IT turns for you to see ITs profile.

 Freiheit ist immer Freiheit fuer den andersdenkenden”

 (“Freedom is always freedom for the person who thinks differently”)  Rosa Luxemburg while imprisoned for her opinions during WWI.

Compatico--noun, Insight shared sui-generis (birthed) in the open moment of dialog between two or more persons; compare the idea with mutualistic symbiosis occurring as a synaesthetic, rationalistic, emotional experience which may be also labeled objective and existential.

Recommended lecture--History of Freedom by J. Rufus Fears Ph.D.

Recommended reading--The Discovery of Freedom: Man's Struggle Against Authority by Rose Wilder Lane.

Recommended lecture--Wisdom of History by J. Rufus Fears Ph.D.

We are free to create our own words and define them. Can you take it for granted that you are also? License and freedom do not mean the same and are often confused for the other. License most often follows a creed which may involve being sprinkled with holy water as a newborn infant that is believed to be incapable later in life of doing anything foul to another living being provided with or without a private confession.

Entering a world of freedom requires removing the old habit of assuming you or another is guilty from birth and must prove your innocence as Socrates failed to do. Freedom may be taken for granted, because this is the nature of how it is practiced.

Freedom of Conscience allows you and I to make any assumption we desire about any person, thing, or idea. Perpetuating freedom as a value requires we abide by the principle of "good faith" in giving another the benefit of the doubt upon first encounter either on the street, in an office filling out paperwork, or across from a cashier who hands you your receipt in a "fair deal."

In the interest of positive civil experience we assume civil roles which influence us are for our civil best. A preacher or priest does not have to believe what they tell you any more or less than a policeman. The Supreme Court's dominating moral agents favored popery with the ruling opinion politicians have the right to lie to voters. I agree. Every voter has the right to determine the moral influence or agency of those who represent him or her. We have the right to persecute liars by voting for honest representatives.

I venture that the notion we must all agree with each other, starts at our mothers' knees so she may keep responsibilities orderly and in good care. However, this does not apply outside the confines of a home; nor in today's environment of office and business. How we express an opinion is a behavior. The opinion itself is not a behavior. So many forget to know the difference.

Failure to consider otherwise initiates the need to be dominated by mission statements. Ghengis Khan was the cleverest tyrant of all. He kept what he expected to himself and few people second-guessed him.

This photo and the story which evolved from it is an attempt to create a political cartoon using a collage (meme) for a 9th grade assignment in 1965. I was too young to be cynical; just matter-of-fact based on what I had been hearing in the media about President Johnson's "Guns and Butter" program to help the economy recover from unemployment and the rising costs of living.

The first line on the left reads, "1954-1965 Viet Nam War." The line below reads, "1947-1965 Population Explosion." The map is of Southeast Asia being heavily influenced by Mao Tse Tung's political cadre in the north. The last line reads, "The Answer?"

[The Baby-Boomer Social Security bloat has since arrived.]

My opinion shocked my 9th grade homeroom teacher, Miss Trumbell. She gave me her personal copy of Dr. Thomas A. Dooley's The Night They Burned the Mountain to correct my thinking.

She changed it and I joined the Navy three years later to save the Vietnamese from tyranny. However, my thinking was correct.

Years later in the 1980s I learned both Miss Trumbell and Dr. Dooley were Catholic. I did not know Dr. Dooley was covert-CIA operative. CIA man Lansdale had been sending rumor-operatives into the north to spread lies among Catholics and Christians they were going to be persecuted and must flee to the south. Our non-seditious, unfree-press call rumor-mongers NGOs today.

Dr. Dooley and our press in the 1960s told us the communists were going to destroy Christians one by one; church by church like Jewish Lenin did to Christians and Stalin did with Jews whom he sent to far eastern Siberia to establish their own state. [see: Ed Lansdale's Black Warfare in 1950s Vietnam By Marc D. Bernstein]

This created a panic of refugees who flooded across the new border. My Catholic girlfriend in the 1980s explained to me Dr. Dooley worked for the CIA when I asked why he had not been chosen for sainthood.

So it was, that Viet Nam was a false flag operation as Dr. Daniel Ellsberg's record revealed which made him a "danger" to our national security's Big Lie.

The Religious Beginnings of an Unholy War
The Shocking Story of the Catholic "Church's"
Role in Starting the Vietnam War
by Avro Manhattan (1914-1990) 

Truth and trust are freedom fighting comrades which is why we must have a free Internet now that the press* is controlled by only five or six corporate tyrants who expect us to die for their benefit as if dying for them were for our benefit also.

[Note: $85 million-man Mr. O'Reilly speaks for popery which has traditionally been anti-freedom of conscience, anti-freedom of the press, and for making the pope our king. O'Reilly was fired by FOX the day he was blessed with the Pope's secret handshake for Knights of the Maltese Cross.]

Speaking from April 2017 we are being fed the same scene: torture and persecution of innocent people, but taking place in the Near East-Syria. Thankfully we have the Internet to access the instant truth that we choose to accept. And since national security requires that we are free to believe what we want--we do. Maybe these articles on the connection between the CIA and Popery should be taken a little more seriously after you view this video. And allow me to share two articles on the connection between the CIA and the Vatican today just as it was during the Vietnam war for private gain by making it all Catholic.

by Deacon Greg Kandra
Aleteia.org 5 MAY 2016

The Geopolitical Report
NEWSBUD's YouTube edition for 17 APR 2017

CIA Dominated by Vatican,
Reports New Jersey Professor Investigating It
by Al Hembd
Puritans.net 26 DEC 2002

We were not told the Viet Cong were farmers--farmers who were not only Buddhist, but Protestant Christians, and even Catholics too. The propaganda we are being provided by our current government is a direct threat to our national security because it is a lie that favors private gain. Knowing the truth should not make anyone a domestic enemy as this next video factually provides.

Battlefield America with John W. Whitehead
NEWSBUD edition 11 APR 2017

Would glorifying the portrayal of a crime be a behavior or abstract opinion?

Randy Maugans--Charles T. Wilcox podcast
The Transformation of the Republic
25 AUG 2015
This is the story about how the US of A became a Vatican satrap.

Avoid sausage, turkey burgers and hamburgers at potlucks and BBQs. Only eat the pig, goat, or sheep if you see it actually roasting on a skewer. If it is chicken, look for the Colonel's bucket and make sure your piece has a skin. I do not want to know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

To further illustrate, take for example the recent case of Stormy Daniels who was arrested for beating up her mate for spending the money she gave him on laundry instead of a debt. Having her bank account frozen caused her more harm than the black eyes and bruises she gave her man.

Why? Violence and temper have been forbidden by the media ever since the Gandhi-Jesus Model became a popular tool of personality worship. Martin Luther King was martyred by assassination to anchor his cause in revisionist history books. There is little or no pain in getting spanked in grade-school privately than there is in being humiliated and bullied by a teacher in front of a child's peers. 

Violence and temper, including Gandhi's acknowledgment of injustice, draw alarmists and media sales. Now compare this to Brian Banks whose future was nearly destroyed by a young girl's lie and court incompetence. The lie was not violent. The rape that never happened was not violent. The lie that cost his school district $1.5 million was not violent. Harmful? Very!

Popular identification with what engulfs individuals emotionally with the need for security such as random gun violence against innocent people causes more harm than one could imagine now and years from now. These perpetrators' death wishes are used to manipulate and control the public's emotional and dominating need for protection. The notoriety makes repeating the event a popular notion to pursue. Not so? What makes spanking so special for men or women who want to enjoy it for libidinous self-gratification? The violence? The harm? Apparently not! Our media's use of violence or the potential threat of harm has become a libido substitute. Brain-chemical and emotional orgasm happens with exploding bullets and bomb blasts.

Bjork's video, Violently Happy, demonstrates her understanding.

Tyrants are race and gender neutral and created by parents and institutions who fear ideas which do not conform to those with whom they are in sympathy. Our freedom to love does not require a license, a king's or pope's permission.

Scanning our unique American scene with objectivity, we may understand the ethic of how what one person accomplishes, may be for the benefit of all and not only for the solipsistic.

Springfield Re-manufacturing Corporation's** example in Springfield, Missouri, provides a real world record of how everyone working together in their self-interest to compete with those who use every trick to win, have outperformed cheaters to make sizable profits for SRC's owners. The human factor*** here may be defined as mutually symbiotic. Compatico. Solid.

The tyrant uses fear to dominate. Self-discipline, self-control, and self-reliance triangulate freedom by number; not the worship of personality or worship of authority or worship of icons and symbols for God on our money.

In what manner would America's sheltered, privileged patrician order or aristocracy interpret the following ballad? Would university professionals laugh at those moved by these verses? And persuade the naive their faith is as blind as Don Quixote's? Those of us who number ourselves as Citizens and who enjoy contemplating, thinking about, and feeling Paul Robeson's Ballad for Americans do not pay lip service to our Union's values. We actually make freedom of Conscience something we practice.

Music: Earl Robinson
Words: John LaTouche (Revised by NYC Labor Chorus) 
[Lyric revisions are indicated by parentheses]

In seventy-six the sky was red
thunder rumbling overhead
Bad King George couldn't sleep in his bed
And on that stormy morn, Ol' Uncle Sam was born.
Some birthday!
Ol' Sam put on a three cornered hat
And in a Richmond church he sat
And Patrick Henry told him that while America drew breath
It was "Liberty or death."

What kind of hat is a three-cornered hat?
Did they all believe in liberty in those days?

Nobody who was anybody believed it.
Ev'rybody who was anybody they doubted it.
Nobody had faith.
Nobody but Washington, Tom Paine, Benjamin Franklin,
Chaim Solomon, Crispus Attucks, Lafayette. Nobodies.
The nobodies ran a trea party at Boston. Betsy Ross
organized a sewing circle. Paul Revere had a horse race.

And a little ragged group believed it.
And some gentlemen and ladies believed it.
And some wise men and some fools, and I believed it too.
And you know who I am.
No. Who are you mister? Yeah, how come all this?
Well, I'll tell you. It's like this... No let us tell you.
Mister Tom Jefferson, a mighty fine man. 
He wrote it down in a mighty fine plan.
And the rest all signed it with a mighty fine hand
As they crossed thier T's and dotted their I's
A bran' new country did arise. 

And a mighty fine idea. "Adopted unanimously in Congress July 4, 1776,
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.
That they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.
That among these rights are Life, Yes sir!, Liberty, That's right!
And the pursuit of happiness." 
Is that what they said? The very words.
That does sound mighty fine.

Building a nation is awful tough.
The people found the going rough.
(Some lived in cities, some worked the land,
And united they did stand, to make our country grand.)

Still nobody who was anybody believed it.
Everybody who anybody they stayed at home.
But Lewis and Clarke and the pioneers,
Driven by hunger, haunted by fears,
The Klondike miners and the forty-niners,
Some wanted freedom and some wanted riches,
Some liked to loaf while others dug ditches.
But they believed it. And I believed it too,
And you know who I am.
No, who are you anyway, Mister?

Well, you see it's like this. I started to tell you.
I represent the whole... Why that's it!
Let my people go. That's the idea!
Old Abe Lincoln was thin and long,
His heart was high and his faith was strong.
But he hated oppression, he hated wrong,
And he went down to his grave to free the slave.

A man in white skin can never be free while his black brother is in slavery,
"And we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.
And this government of the people, by the people and for the people
Shall not perish from the Earth."
Abraham Lincoln said that on November 19, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
And he was right. I believe that too.

Say, we still don't know who you are, mister.
Well, I started to tell you...
The machine age came with a great big roar,
As America grew in peace and war.
And a million wheels went around and 'round.
The cities reached into the sky,
And dug down deep into the ground.
And some got rich and some got poor.
But the people carried through,
So our country grew.
(With Susan B. Anthony and the Suffragettes,
We women fought with all our might 
And we made voting our right.
Our struggle continues to this day.
And the people carried through,
So our country grew.)

Still nobody who was anybody believed it.
Everybody who was anybody they doubted it.
And they are doubting still,
And I guess they always will,
But who cares what they say when I am on my way

Say, will you please tell us who you are?
What's your name, Buddy? Where you goin'? Who are you?
Well, I'm the everybody who's nobody, 
I'm the nobody who's everybody.
What's your racket? What do you do for a living?

Well, I'm an
Engineer, musician, street cleaner, carpenter, teacher,
How about a farmer? Also. Office clerk? Yes sir!
That's right. (Homemaker?) Certainly!
Factory worker? You said it. (Mail carrier?) Yes ma'am.
(Hospital worker?) Absotively! (Social worker?) Posolutely!
Truck driver? Definitely!
Miner, seamstress, ditch-digger, all of them.
I am the "etceteras" and the "and so forths" that do the work.
Now hold on here, what are you trying to give us?
Are you an American?

Am I an American?
I'm just an Irish, (African), Jewish, Italian, 
French and English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Polish, 
Scotch, Hungarian, (Jamaican), Swedish, Finnish, (Dominican), Greek and Turk and Czech 
and (Native American).

And that ain't all.
I was baptized Baptist, Methodist, Congregationalist, Lutheran, 
Atheist, Roman Catholic, Moslem, Jewish, Presbyterian, Seventh Day Adventist,
Mormon, Quaker, Christian Scientist and lots more.
You sure are something.

Our country's strong, our country's young, 
And her greatest songs are still unsung.
>From her plains and mountains we have sprung,
To keep the faith with those who went before.

We nobodies who are anybody believe it.
We anybodies who are everybody have no doubts.
Out of the cheating, out of the shouting,
(Out of the greed and polluting,
Out of the massacre at Wounded Knee,
Out of the lies of McCarthy,
Out of the murders of Martin and John,
It will come again,
Our song of hope is here again.)

(Precious as our planet),
Deep as our valleys,
High as our mountains,
Strong as the people who made it.
For I have always believed it, and I believe it now,
And now you know who I am.
Who are you?
America! America! 

Freedom means you and I can be ourselves
without the compulsion to copy each other.

Recently, Moscow's Federal Security Bureau (FSB) began seizing Jehovah's Witnesses property by Court Order. Someone with a grudge must have copied the Protocols of Zion and made the JWs enemies of all Russians like Parisian Jesuits tried to do originally with the PoZ and Jews. No-one is going to want to move to Russia if they have no freedom from Pope Kings or freedom of religion.

If Moscow was surrendered to the Vatican's Pope King by Boris Yeltsin after Saudi Arabia undercut oil prices to stop Russia's economic successes, then it is reasonable to assume JWs will once again become slaves; slaves wearing the purple triangle like Hitler made them wear before enslaving Russians and Jews. JWs may want to be sure they have not been infiltrated by a CIA_Catholic NGO like what happened in the Ukraine.

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