Got Nuts?

Every squirrel should have some.

Why Seth Rich Had to Die – Girlfriend?, 1652
Mr. Still's supporters have been very successful in their
achievement if you monitor how he keeps score.
Other YouTube participants may be able to use his technique
to put Mom & Pop back in the great game of business at the same time.

Look more nuts..!!
The lowdown on the Billaries.
[Note: "Billarie" does not refer to a person but a state of consciousness representing the union of two persons as illustrated.]
Startling New Evidence of Trump Russia Connection, 1655
 Unravel Billaries' Jesuit ties to organized crime.
Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen's Vatican Mafia

Oy! Billarie, Karma is a Spiritual Law. May I suggest we read New Testament Revelations over and over with Edgar Cayce? Only Angel scribes and Angels have the power to rectify injustice. These people do not.
Vatican Mafia
So tell me please, how Cardinal Spellman and your Jesuit brothers used McCarthy and the Dulles boys to turn President Eisenhower into a puppet for military-industrial Vatican investors. You, yourself alone just as the Roman Curia has done to itself in WWI, WWII and will again, are going to pluck out your own eye. So too, will all puppets pluck theirs just like McCarthy and his sidekicks Nixon and Cohn.

Revelation KJV BibleHub
Let's read Revelations. Chapter by chapter. And repeat. Observe the labels you use; the choices you make, and their results within the next 72 hours The next three years will reveal old patterns of second-guessing yourself as you compensate--to eventually find your karmic neutral point within the next twelve generations. Look for your work in God’s Treasury of Sound and Light—the True Coin; yours Soul with your face-Consciousness-on it....

Your’s truly,
Sergeant Scumbag, AIT1.
[Note: "Scumbag" is not a reference to a living person but the ideal reaction boot-camp instructors groom recruits to think of themselves as in the presence of authority figures in their private thoughts. As a means for self-acknowledgement they are dominated only enough to work together as a team without macho mama-boy or daddy-girl personality types gumming up the process.]

Large capacity magazines may just be what we need.
[No--not Lady's Home Journal]

have been fooled.

  Russian analog vacuum tube technology is superior to anti-social, cheap & dirty, profit margin, micro-ceramic-gallium chip technology.

[Picture Lockehead's $1.5 trillion F-35's
disintegrating in mid-air for no reason.]

Price freezing and closed tax-loop holes will fix the problem.

Ask C-SPAN. They know who the Wizard is.

 Raggedy Ann & Andy are not fooled one stitch.

General "Knife Edge" Mattis is not fooled either.

Having lectured to struggling business startups on how to efficiently take control of their vision,
General Mattis knows where to find the missing buttons.
[I think those are SEALs.]
 Never-the-less, General Mattis has his hands full.

Russia has plenty of forest to spare which is probably why so many NATO tanks are rattling their barrels on Lithuania's borders. 

If the Romans had not deforested the Mediterranean, French Foreign Legionaires would not have to train in the Amazon forest; nor for the same reason in North America would Marines have to share their log.

When heaven's voice,
Thunder & Lightning speaks...
[Leftist Chicken Co-Op] is time to pay heed to Peter Kropotkin
and come to each other's aid voluntarily.
Leave the brutes outside the Co-Op when times get tough. 

Right or left of Satan, Brutes practice the eurocentric, Machiavellian rule of "Every monopolist for himself,
God against all."

Chickens and kitties don't.
[Too bad, Washington DC does not have Labor Day Weekend Rodeo breakfasts...
like the ones Gene Autry and ROTC graduates attended... 
great welcome to the next season for all.]

Listen to Intuition and Dreams Lecture by Henry Reed, narrated

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