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There is a short video clip available somewhere in which Mr. Deming attended via satellite, a round table discussion filled with PhD administrators in education. Over and over he kept bringing them back to what result did they expect to achieve from the quicksand pit of a process their focus was lost in.

I have been wondering if Mr. Keiser's patent and the data miner of Clif High and Warren Pollock's dark-field market analysis techniques could be used to anticipate when and where WW III's false flag will happen and what criteria will the government use to make sure it looks believable without harming the industries that will make the most money for their stock holders. I am thinking they will nuke an Asian community or even Philadelphia home of Independence Hall. The purchasing of goods for a large scale emergency might be a clue about where it is planned.

Indirectly, Dr. Deming was asking them if their degrees were the only result they could comprehend. I think he walked away after 30 minutes of not getting results. They could not understand his question.

Below are two videos to give you an idea about how process becomes the means to an end that you want, which does not end up in a blind canyon. Dr. Dabrowski explains The WHY in my opinion of how Dr. Deming's 14 points work when things are falling apart during the evolution of a result.

W. Edwards Deming: The 14 Points
Mr. Reich did not catch himself describing people as possessions and may have regretted it as soon as he said it. The 14 points work for government too.

America: What Went Wrong?
by Donald L. Barlett & James B. Steele

published in the 
Philadelphia Enquirer
October 20-28, 1991

PART 1: Dismantling the Middle Class
Across the country, people seem to sense the rules of the game have changed in some undefined way that rewards a few and hurts the many. They are right. In a nine-part series, The Enquirer examines the dismantling of America.
A: How the game was rigged against the middle class,
B: Who got caught when the rules changed?,
     1: Who-and how many-in America's middle class
     2: After 3 decades American worker loses out to Mexico
C: The middle class gets caught in crunch
     1: Tax 'reform': Small break for you--big breaks for the rich

PART 2: Getting rich off of bankruptcy
In the surge of bankruptcies caused by heavy corporate debt in the '80s, the winners are high-priced consultants hired to close companies. The losers: workers thrown out of their jobs.
A: The lucrative business of bankruptcy
B: The very lucrative bankruptcy business
     1: One week of flying, phoning, packing and unpacking for $225 an hour....
     2: The 30 biggest bankruptcies in US history

PART 3:  Shifting taxes from them to you
Hundreds of companies have drastically reduced their federal tax bills through special interest tax laws.
A: Big business hits the jackpot with billions in tax breaks
B: Big business gets the big tax breaks
     1: The federal debt
     2: Corporations discover NOL (net operating loss), a tax writeoff bonanza worth billions....

PART 4: The Foreign Connection
Foreign investors find the US a very congenial place. They buy firms, play the market, and get tidy tax breaks.
A: Why the world is closing in on US economy
     1: Congress taxes foreigners at lower rates than you

PART 5: When government controls come off
The future was supposed to be rosy for deregulated airlines, trucking and S&Ls. Results have been disastrous.
A: The high cost of deregulation: Joblessness, bankruptcy, debt
B: After deregulation, industries in chaos
     1: The collapse of the US trucking industry

PART 6:  Playing Russian roulette with health insurance
As companies cut expenses or fail, Americans lose their health insurance. Sometimes they lose their health too, and then their savings.
A: For millions in US, a harsh reality: It's not safe to get sick
B: Millions face life minus health care
     1: How death came to a once-prosperous discount-store chain

PART 7: Simplicity pattern: Irresistible to raiders
When takeover artists targeted Simplicity Pattern Co., it had $100 million in reserves. They left it $100 million in debt.
A: Raiders work their wizardry on an all-American company
B: What the raiders did to one company
     1: The raiding of Simplicity Pattern Co.

PART 8: The disappearing pensions
Many workers have no pensions at all. Someday others could find themselves with reduced benefits. That is something that will never happen to the members of Congress
A: When you retire, will there be a pension waiting?
     1: Money drained from the pension funds of 4,800 workers at Posner-controlled companies.
B: Pensions are not always a sure thing
     1: Workers saving for their retirement lose on junk bonds
C: Sweet pension deal in Congress

PART 9: How Washington really works
The influence of Washington lobbyists is felt in many ways. It is not just the laws they get enacted. It is also the ones they stop.
A: How special-interest groups have their way with Congress
B: Congress is swayed by special interests
     1: How to write or telephone lawmakers

David Langford - Why Deming in Education

Any Community College graduate may run circles around the Ivy
Leaguers who pay so high a price for an education and only get
cocktail lounge propaganda instead.

Mr. Parkinson describes the bureaucratic process which leads to failure of result in any organization--no matter how many thousands of years old it may be. Mr. Stack proves how getting everyone involved pays off significantly for everyone in the long and short run of a process.

Kriyaman Karma: a Yoga

These books and concepts produce the effects of "good" karma or effects which benefit everyone except those whose passion for selfishness produces "bad" karma which they try to share with everyone to personally escape responsibility for their detrimental results. Propaganda is the tool to do this with. Honest critical thinking skills breaks up the bullshit with longer, safer poles.

Empire Files: Head of Venezuela National Guard
 on Insurgency & US Threats
At 21':02" -- "Now, if our decision as Venezuelans is to be free, to be independent, and not accept orders from anyone, meaning no-one can tell us: you must do this with economy, with politics, you must be aligned with these countries; if that represents a threat, then we will be threat to the United States.

"All we want is to be free, to be independent. All we want is to be a sovereign country. We just want to be a happy, united nation with its own national spirit. If that is a threat to the United States, then we will be a threat. [But only] to the government of the United States." 
-- General V. Padrino Lopez, Venezuela National Guard, speaking honestly
with Citizen Abby Martin on foreign agents of insurgency and US threats.


Tanita Tikaram Twist in my Sobriety
Russian Poetic Lyrics

So it is:  No or Yes--STOP the Rothschild/Vatican/London/New York banking cartel from stealing Venezuela's natural resources from ALL Venezuelans.  No or Yes--Venezuelans have the God-given right to be sovereigns of their own destiny and masters of their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

DNC Take-Back (official highlights reel)
Restoring Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4 to the original text would be a great step forward towards eliminating bank-bailouts and corporate welfare. We could also put a sales tax on stocks, commodities, money and bonds to eliminate sales taxes on underwear, junk-food and coffee. 

Putting Veterans Affairs back into the hands of county armories like agricultural extension agents serve farmers as President Lincoln intended would integrate veterans with their communities instead of isolating them to commit suicide. Universal Basic Income for veterans would do this easily.

We the People established Popular Government by Ethical Demand with our New World order of 1776. Monarchist governments of the Old World Order hang on by personality worship of dictators (Popes, Presidents, CEOs), debt peonage to usury (credit cards-poverty-level income), and parochial (propaganda) exploitation of serfs and vassals or slaves.

Empire Files:
Peter Joseph & Abby Martin on Abolishing Capitalism

We Are Crashing Now – Clif High
As of 12 AUG 2017

US taxpayers will have to vote according to their own conscience or vote the way their televisions, tabloids, pastors and priests (John Taylor Gatto's propaedeutics) tell them to vote. Venezuelans have my non-conformist Puritan economic/ballot-box support in good faith of: Yes and Yes.

I was a teenage communist

Red or Black: Fascism cannot tolerate good education, but relies on indoctrination. We have been parochialized into trading our citizenship for "civilian," today's "target;" the equivalent label for "slave." And just like a TV prize show, we are bought and sold as we once were in past incarnations as serfs and vassals. When our drones and bombs stop killing "civilians," maybe our self-respect will become genuine as it once was.

Sheikh Muslih-Uddin Sa'di Shirazi

Sa’di’s educational philosophy



The Gulistan of Saadi

Sa' di, The Poet of Life, Love, and Compassion

Amos Bronson Alcott established education standards for our 1776 New World Order of Popular Government. He has been anathematized by school board pettiness. Popular government by ethical choice is not leftist; nor is it monarchist. Citizens are educated to comprehend the effect of their choices; each generation picking up where the last ended without repeating every other generation.

The Genius Of The Crowd: Charles Bukowski

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