Not only was there a shift in family roles as the new world order established by our revolution began to set root. There was a shift in the ethic of the Protestant Reformation to the ethic set by 'The Church' of the old world order.  The "shot heard 'round the world" had an echo.

Laborers, peons, and serfs wanted to burn the cloak of despotism and still do. The old world order did not want change. Aristocracy wanted to survive which it did with the Constitution that preserved it regardless what revisionists want us to believe. Going against our founding principles, it preserved slavery.

Randy Maugans--Charles T. Wilcox podcast
The Transformation of the Republic
25 AUG 2015

This is the story about how the US of A became a Vatican satrap.
Rev. Father Charles Chiniquy detailed his role in making it happen.

A former river-gunboat veteran landlord encouraged me to look up and contemplate several scriptures in the Bible he read which defined the concept of "moral agency" for himself. To survive, he and his crew mates had to lie to superiors about using their .50 calibre machine gun. To prove they were not using it they traded some gear for new barrels which they would install before returning to their offshore ship. He was not a Catholic, but had to think like one.

Catholic Connivance?
Popery's mission is to make the world Catholic; not "Christian;" Catholic with a King or Caesar known as "Pope." Jesuit Universities and the mafia are on the same side.
Jesuit Law Schools
 Jesuit Universities
Vatican Mafia
  Neo-Cons may be aware of it if their mentor, First Generation immigrant Professor Leo Strauss was aware of why Lincoln suspended the Constitution at the outset of the Civil War. The reason he did is outlined iyellow directly above. It had nothing to do with terroristseverything to do with domestic enemies. The US is now just as backward as Louisiana and Mississippi have been since they were French and Spanish colonies.

Remedial Humility? Fair & square?
Moral Agency comes in all colors if allowed.
Seeing green clover-leafs on protestant churches’ tables for St. Patrick’s Day makes a pretty good example for connivance. It is really called St. Cromwell’s Day when by a miracle all the snakes in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland turned orange and easy to catch. Churches that took land and property from Catholics, Anglicans, and Protesting Non-Conformists by burning them at the stake or by simony were destroyed with their priests by St. Cromwell. Fired CIA Director Helms’ parents were married in one of Ireland’s oldest churches, an Anglican/Catholic church which stabled St. Cromwell’s horses.

Today’s Puritan ‘Round-Heads’ are called liberals which still means non-conformist in their moral agency when compared to a dominating religion. Christian was a derogatory word sometimes used in the Bible and projected onto God's Co-Workers or Nazarenes as ridicule until John Bunyan made Christian a Pilgrim hero.

Christian now refers to those who have connived their way into Protestant hearts to make America one nation under one bank, with one religion serving also as the only political party with the intent to keep everyone but aristocrats as poor as slaves divided against themselves.  Maybe even for Maryland too, each of our original states’ constitutions were influenced by the Magna Carta, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and the Bible which in turn influenced our federal constitution.

Today’s Christians rarely read their Bibles if they own one. Neither have they heard of John Bunyan or the Apostle Paul’s rise into the third heaven of which there are seven if you read the Encyclopedia of Islam. Justice is rendered in these heavens which makes an eye-for-an-eye a metaphor for karma that not even a king, saint, mobster, superstition, or a court are qualified to render.
[Note regarding heaven in New Testament Revelations: few if any readers conceive heaven as being non-dualistic (gender, is a metaphor no sunset or time).]

Fahrenheit 9/11
by Moore
A first year psychology course in the 6th grade covering roles, history, and propaganda may neutralize the negative effect TV, Radio, and Hollywood have had on our reasoning abilities. Follow this with two years of knowing how to recognize false logic arguments.
[use my false arguments as an example in class]
Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon

 EMPIRE FILES describes Bannon's role in our unwanted empire of deceit that exists today. His freak factor's transparency comes out in his expectation that we are as unaware as he is about Nixon's treason, Reagan's treason, and the Bush family's treason if you have viewed James Corbett's 9/11 Suspects above.

Once a person understands the meaning of popery's desire to rule the world, you may see right away how Mr. Bannon was teethed on popery and brainwashed with it for his masters at Bill Clinton's alma mater--Georgetown University--motto: "Both into One."

Just as The American Liberty League went through several name changes--now called Citizens United, so has popery which we call Globalism today. One World, one Government, one Religion. one Bank. Nationalism is a connivance. Add the word socialism next to fix its problems. And under the 14th amendment  (corporations are not produced by live birth from a fertilized egg and cannot be considered real in the sense of  being a person but only as a legal FICTION) we have an old tyranny wearing new shoes--the God shoes of incorporation which everyone loved about Mussolini until he and his closest companions were beaten to death and hung upside down shoe-less.

World Citizen practices our founding principles--freedom to live, freedom to be free, and freedom to co-exist in happy-harmony supported by equal justice. A Global Citizen pays lip service to these ideals and cleverly impugns them with laws to limit our application of them.  World Citizens (this group needs to get in touch with the worlds second largest continent) are cosmopolitan. Globers ain't.

FREE Schools 1912
Father Crowley's assertion for a common culture and
a common language has been proven by
the European Union's failure to co-exist.

CIA & the Drug Trade
What Will Recreational Marijuana Legalization Mean

Narco News Bulletin
Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’

Kennedy's Memoir

War on Drugs - Part 1
Drug Boss Escobar Worked for the CIA

Vietnam: Why Did We go?
The Religious Beginning of an unHoly War

SEAL Team 6 in their attempt to terminate a school teacher for the Saudis, took fire from Yemeni women in January 2017 apparently defending themselves. Citizen Nora and Citizen Ryan Owens died with 58 others—mostly Yemeni women and their children—husbands and fathers likely to have been killed in previous strikes. The cost of this failure continues to perpetuate our Union’s legacy of failure since its overthrow by popery stooge Joseph McCarthy and the Dulles brothers’ Military Industrial Complex.

Autodefensas--Community Militias

View the Autodefensas story last and this one first.
"Where is the line between justice and vigilantism?" - Dr. Diana Hsieh

Before enjoying the common sense in
this one ask yourself which came first--
The State or the people who made it?
The egg or the chicken that laid it?
TEDxUWI C.R.I.M.E-Dianne Williams- Vigilantism or Social Justice

Nouela - The Sound of Silence

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